Ubisoft Renewing Beyond Good And Evil Trademark

Ubisoft has just recently renewed the trademark for Beyond Good and Evil. The French-based gaming developer and publisher has long been developing a sequel to the 2003 cult-classic, so this renewal of trademark could mean various different things for Ubisoft and Beyond Good & Evil.

When a developer renews a trademark, rumors often come along with it. Although the renewal could easily be necessary behind-the-scenes paperwork, it also usually leads to good news, like how the game Skate 4 was announced last year after developer EA renewed the Skate trademark back in 2019.

There are various probabilities as to why Ubisoft renewed the trademark for Beyond Good and Evil. The least remarkable option is simply that Ubisoft is renewing the IP to maintain its ownership. Obviously, Ubisoft is happy with the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and the title ultimately releases soon. So the news of the trademark renewal doesn’t come with unexpected expectations for an unrevealed sequel. However, there are still other interesting things to think about with the trademark news.


The original Beyond Good and Evil game was launched seventeen years ago, and the similarly critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil HD remaster was launched back in 2011. In an industry full of frequent remasters and remakes, it appears like it would not be a bad idea to bring back the original game again, especially associated with excitement for the upcoming sequel.

Whether it will be a touch up to bring the game to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S generation, or a complete remake such as Final Fantasy 7 or what Capcom has done with the Resident Evil franchise, the trademark could imply to the return of the original game.

Aside from this news, there is also a Beyond Good and Evil movie adaptation arriving on Netflix. The movie is being developed by the same developer who created the hit Detective Pikachu film, Rob Letterman.

Letterman brought wit and humor to the successful Pokemon movie alongside some remarkable special effects. All of this is something that also would be expected in a great Beyond Good and Evil movie. The trademark renewal could surely have something to do with this, although the information of the trademark includes coffee tables, pens, stickers, books, comics, and gaming but didn’t mention anything about a film.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 might top the list of titles that players are waiting to hear more from after being revealed some time ago. It can be disappointing to go long gaps without considerable updates. While the renewal of the trademark may not bring the same level of excitement as massive gameplay reveals, it at least reminds the fans that Ubisoft is still very much invested in Beyond Good and Evil.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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