Valorant Has a Glitch With Jett On Bind

A New bug in Valorant has been discovered. Jett can see and attack through a wall in A tower on Bind’s A site because of her Updraft ability.

After the implementation of Patch 1.06 in Valorant more and more bugs are discovered. After a texture bug and another one concerning Killjoy. Jett has the spotlight being able to perform actions typically not allowed in the game. This time she can see and attack through walls.

You can see the glitch occurs only at Bind’s A site. Jett uses its Updraft ability which gives her some vision into the site. Then attacks and kills the enemies using her ultimate ability, all without being spotted as shown in the video.

There needs to be a fix for this bug especially with competitions coming this weekend like the Pop Flash Tournament and the LVL Valorant Clash 2. Riot Games should react quickly and hopefully fix it.

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