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Like Netflix and other popular streaming sites, Amazon Prime has different versions for a specific regional audience. The content on display differs according to each region. This means that the content available on American Amazon Prime differs from Australian Amazon Prime.

Why is the content catalog different? It’s different because of license agreements, which restrict Amazon Prime from offering TV shows and movies to a specific region’s audience. Therefore, every area has a unique content catalog.

The content library in a specific region is based on Amazon Prime Video deal with studios and content distributors. They provide the rights to stream a movie or a show in a particular area.

The United States has the most extensive subscription base, and studios and distributors see this region as the most viable market for their content. Subsequently, the US has the most extensive prime video content library and is exclusive to the American market.

Since the US catalog has the best shows and movies, many people try to access it from other regions, but to no avail. However, you can access US Prime Video Content in Australia by changing your location, and you can do that by using a VPN or Proxy.

Between a VPN and a Proxy, which one is better for streaming Amazon Prime in Australia? Let’s find out.

Which Is Better for Streaming Amazon Prime, VPN, Or Proxy?


VPNs are Virtual Private Networks that encrypt all browsing activity and also mask a device’s IP address. You can read ScreenBinge’s VPN guide to see the recommended VPNs for accessing Amazon Prime Video or any blocked service.

A VPN allows users to change their online location to any place they want. A proper VPN with a global network of servers will redirect all internet traffic, and the user will appear like they are somewhere else.

For example, if you want to access US Prime Video, you must make Amazon believe you are inside the country. All you need to do is launch your VPN app and connect to American servers, and your internet connection will reroute to that server. After the VPN app connects, you will receive an IP address from the US.

Therefore, Amazon will think you are inside the coverage zone, and you will get full access to the vast American catalog.

Proxy Servers

You can also mask your IP address to access geo-blocked content by using proxy servers. A proxy acts as an intermediary for your traffic on the internet. The server passes your request to the receiving servers as theirs and spoofs your location.

However, proxies only work with traffic coming from a specific app or software on which they are running. This means that if you’re running a proxy on your browser, it will not mask the IP address on traffic coming from other apps. Free proxy servers sometimes sell your data to third-party advertisers and violate your privacy.

A proxy server allows users to get around geo-blocked and regional content imposed by streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video.

VPNs Vs. Proxies, The Bottom Line

You can use a VPN or a Proxy to access US Amazon Prime Video from a different region like Australia. However, VPNs and proxies are not the same, and VPNs are more reliable than proxies.

Today, proxies are no good against sophisticated geo-blocking on popular streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Therefore, most proxies have trouble bypassing proxy blocks imposed by most video streaming platforms. VPNs, especially the premium ones, are perfect for streaming and even bypass VPN blocks that might stand in your way.

Another reason VPNs are better than proxies for accessing Amazon Prime in Australia is reliability. Proxy servers tend to drop a connection, and if this happens when streaming, your location will be exposed, and Amazon will ban you. Premium VPNs do not disconnect or drop a connection, meaning you can stream for hours without exposing your IP address.

Final Thoughts

If you have to choose between a VPN or a proxy for streaming Amazon Prime in Australia, VPN is the clear winner. A premium VPN can bypass VPN blocks, meaning that Amazon will never know you are using a VPN. Also, VPNs are reliable and will mask all your traffic and hide your IP address.