Watch Dogs Legion Probably Won’t Bring Back Marcus Holloway From Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest installment in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs franchise, and it has finally been released for players to experience. Fans have been looking forward to Watch Dogs Legion for a lot of reasons, such as the fact that the game doesn’t have a main protagonist like the previous titles.

In this entry, players are given the ability to recruit and play as almost any character you might meet on the bustling streets of London. That being said, this new well-received feature hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from bringing back a couple of familiar faces into the game.

You see, the company has confirmed that two characters from the previous Watch Dogs games will be available in this latest installment as a part of the season pass. Those who purchase the Bloodlines DLC expansion will be able to make use of Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dogs title as well as Wrench from Watch Dogs 2.

Because of Ubisoft bringing back these beloved characters, fans have begun to wonder if Marcus Holloway, the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2, will be returning in this installment as well. Sadly, there’s no indication from the company that it has plans on doing so.


According to Ruffin Prentiss, the voice actor of Marcus, Ubisoft hasn’t reached out to him at all about bringing back the character for Watch Dogs Legion. He would be more than willing to jump at the opportunity though, as he says that playing as Marcus was “one of my favorite things that I’ve ever done.”

Prentiss also admitted that when he found out that Wrench would be returning, he felt a little bit of hope that Marcus would too, given the fact that Wrench and his character were extremely close pals.


It wouldn’t make sense if Ubisoft decided to recast Marcus as well, especially since the voice actors for Aiden and Wrench reprised their roles. That being said, Prentiss doesn’t seem to be upset that Watch Dogs Legion won’t be bringing back his character.

When Prentiss discussed Wrench’s addition during an interview with IGN, he commended Shawn Baichoo, Wrench’s voice actor, for his spectacular work on the character. He even said that Baichoo “earned this moment” and that “he deserves every second of it,” so there doesn’t appear to be any hard feelings.


At this point, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be seeing Marcus in Watch Dogs Legion, especially since Ubisoft has already revealed their DLC plans for the game. However, there’s still a chance that the developer might change its mind in the future. When or if that happens, Prentiss wouldn’t hesitate to reprise his role.

After all, Marcus’ story in Watch Dogs 2 didn’t have a definitive ending. In fact, it even hinted at the franchise’s eventual move to London, England. In any case, Ubisoft might soften up if fans push enough for Marcus’ addition.

More often than not, fans get what they want if they demand it hard enough. Just like with Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, another Ubisoft title. This Scott Pilgrim game had been delisted for the longest time, but the studio decided to bring it back after the fans’ non-stop request for its return.

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