Wayward Pines Season 3 Was Quietly Canceled: Here’s Why

Fans of the Wayward Pines never got the official announcement that the TV series would be canceled, but seeing as it had a terribly disappointing second season, we highly doubt that the show would be renewed for another season. If this is news to you, our article will tell you everything we know about the cancelation of Wayward Pines Season 3.

Overview of Season 1

Avid fans probably know this, but Wayward Pines’ first season was actually based on a trilogy of books written by Black Crouch. It follows a Secret Service agent named Ethan Blake (played by Matt Dillon) who’s looking for two missing agents in the small town of Wayward Pines.

However, Blake finds that he’s unable to leave the town and is cut off from the rest of the world, especially with a brutally strict sheriff enforcing all the town’s rules. Without a doubt, many viewers found themselves enthralled by the thrilling mystery provided by the first season of Wayward Pines, with shocking plot twists that kept them wanting more.

The renowned M. Night Shyamalan was the director and executive producer of the Pilot episode, and its success was a big win for him, especially since he’s had his fair share of disappointing projects. This was his moment to shine as bright as he once did.

Well, Wayward Pines Season 1 was a major success, which led to it being renewed for a second season even though it was only supposed to be a limited series. The second installment’s premise gave the show the opportunity to do a time skip into the future, featuring a brand-new protagonist Theo, who was played by Jason Patric.

Unfortunately, Wayward Pines’ second season didn’t live up to the thrill and success of the first season, and it left many, many fans disappointed. Even though Season 2’s finale ended on a cliffhanger, the show never got the green light for a third installment.

Now, let’s talk about why Wayward Pines dwindled in success, leading to the show’s cancelation. Spoilers ahead!


Season 2’s Finale Was a Cliffhanger

At the end of Season 1, it’s revealed that the show is actually set in the future—specifically a post-apocalyptic one—and the survivors who live in Wayward Pines have been living in suspended animation for 2000 years. Outside of the town’s safe bubble, the outside world consists of humans-turned-monsters, otherwise known as “abbies.”

Season 1’s finale saw Blake choosing to sacrifice himself to save the survivors in Wayward Pines—all that’s left of the human race—from an abby attack. After that, the survivors returned to cryogenic sleep once more.

As for Season 2’s finale, it once again ended with the survivors planning to return into suspended animation once more. Not only that, Theo, the new town leader, injected himself with lethal diseases and gave himself up as a meal to the abbies in the hopes that the lethal diseases in his bloodstream would wipe them out.

However, a survivor named Kerry ends up making this sacrifice instead of Theo. In the season finale’s epilogue, we see that the abbies, in fact, still exist. But it appears that they look significantly more human now compared to before. In fact, there’s a newborn baby that doesn’t look like one of the infected, which means that the possibilities are endless in case of a third season.


No More Wayward Pines Season 3

Unfortunately, the second season of Wayward Pines had mediocre ratings—definitely not enough to keep it going. The season finale hinted at the possibility of the show bringing in new characters. The last episode was broadcasted in 2016, and even though it hasn’t been announced that the TV series is officially canceled, we don’t expect that it would be renewed for a third season.

The last we heard about Wayward Pines was in 2017 when Fox president David Madden revealed that he was going to meet up with M. Night Shyamalan to talk about where Season 3 could go. However, there has been no talk about Wayward Pines since then.

Fox insiders have actually revealed that the series is pretty much dead at this point, and fans have already accepted this reality, even though it’s peculiar how Fox won’t just make the announcement and get it over with.

Why Was the Show Abandoned?

At this point, we all know that one of the major reasons for Wayward Pines’ cancelation is the low viewership count by Season 2. However, it seems there are also other factors that could have contributed to it. As mentioned, the show was only supposed to be a limited series, but it was renewed for a second season due to how incredibly successful the first season was.

However, Season 1 wasn’t aired right away, and there was a considerable lapse in time. As a result, many of the show’s original actors were unable to return for the second season, which is why they had to skip ahead in time to justify the new cast of characters. Even that in and of itself was already a huge hassle to the team behind the show because the first season already adapted the entirety of Blake Crouch’s trilogy.


In other words, the writers could no longer draw inspiration or ideas from the source material. If a Season 3 is in the works, this could be an understandable reason why it’s taking so long to develop and finish. Season 1 did a fantastic job at laying out the mystery behind Wayward Pines, while Season 2 delved more into the abbies.

While Fox most likely won’t be renewing Wayward Pines, fans are hoping that the show will continue in other forms of media. After all, Fox is known to license out their properties so that they can continue on as comic books. Don’t you agree that Wayward Pines would be fantastic as a comic book series?


In any case, it might be for the best after all that Wayward Pines ended the way it did. For one thing, the show was only supposed to be a limited series, and the second season was never part of the initial plans. Besides, given how open-ended the Season 2 finale was, fans can freely come up with ideas of what happens to the survivors and the changed abbies.

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