Gotham Knights Will Offer Wide Range of Character Skins

Gotham Knights was announced last month and at the moment, it appears to be the next big DC game. Gotham Knights takes place following Batman’s death and his extended Bat-family are now the ones responsible for battling the villains and keeping Gotham’s streets safe.

This highly-anticipated DC title is by WB Montreal, which is the team responsible for Batman Arkham OriginsThis game will have all kinds of features, such as online co-op, which will allow you to team up against the villains terrorizing Gotham.

That said, fans have been wondering about Gotham Knights’ cosmetics, since there wasn’t a lot of information about that before. Will they have to unlock skins through loot, or purchase DLCs?



Fortunately, WB Montreal as pretty transparent regarding this matter when creative director Patrick Redding spoke with

screenshot-pvplive-net-2020-09-14-17_57_49In other words, the base game itself will contain a lot of content already that players won’t miss out on anything if they do decide that they don’t want to use up extra cash for DLCs.

That said, it’s definitely interesting to see where WB Montreal stands when it comes to DLCs, since many fans have been saying that Gotham Knights will probably end up like Marvel’s Avengers wherein you are encouraged to fork over real cash.

Hopefully, Redding’s words will ease some of the fans’ worries regarding this upcoming third-person action RPG.

Gotham Knights will be launched this 2021 on various gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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