Casino games are some of the most fun out there. They offer the chance to play a highly exciting game with lots of tension, while also giving players the chance to grab big wins. There aren’t many games out there that offer this combination, and that’s why online casino games are so much fun. However, each game has odds in place, with some offering better than others. We have taken a look at which games have the worst odds, and what you should try to avoid.

Choosing an Online Casino

Before you even start thinking about playing the games you should choose a top-level online casino for yourself. The best way to do this is to look over the different sites that are on the market and choose the right one for your needs from what is out there. Obviously, there are a huge number of sites, so it can take some time to choose the best one. That’s why a site like will help you to save some time.

Casino hubs will provide a range of reviews, and from there you will be able to easily find the best site for your needs. This makes it a lot easier to pick a good site from the start, and it allows you to avoid playing at poor-quality sites for longer than you would like.


Roulette is actually one of the strangest games out there when it comes to its odds. This is, because depending on the wager that you place, the odds can be either very good or very bad. While some people think that they can predict Roulette, it’s actually a hugely difficult game to get right.

If you choose to bet on one of the even-money bets, then you will actually have a close to 50% chance of winning on every single spin. This is one of the better odds levels that’s available at casino games. However, if you choose a single number, then you will have one of the worst odds levels on the market.

A single number offers a less than 3% chance of winning on each spin. It’s actually 1 in 37 on an American Roulette wheel, and 1 in 36 on a European Roulette wheel. Either way, your chances of winning are quite low.

So, if you make sure to place your bets sensibly you can end up with quite good odds when playing Roulette. However, betting on single numbers actually gives you some of the worst odds on the market.


This is another game that’s very strange to players. Blackjack can have some great odds, especially if you’ve learned how to play the game to a very high level. In fact, you can increase your chances of winning just by being a skilled Blackjack player. This is something that isn’t possible with almost every other casino game.

Things do change when side bets come into play though. The side bets in Blackjack are generally known as some of the riskiest bets possible. It means that you are reducing your chances of winning from almost 50% to below 2%, depending on the side bet that you take.

Even if you’re playing a game that doesn’t offer the more outlandish side bets, most versions of Blackjack offer insurance, which is generally regarded as a silly bet to make. Insurance is a side bet that will offer you a below 10% chance of winning.

This is important to remember, because if you’re playing basic Blackjack strategy, then there is another successful version of this strategy that advises to take the insurance side bet. It means that if you stick to a sensible method of playing, then you will have a good chance of winning. If you play side bets, then your chances significantly diminish.

Video Slots

This is what most players tend to focus their playing on. There’s no doubt that video slots are a lot of fun. They have the most exciting features, they look and sound the best, and they offer the biggest prizes. In fact, some of the biggest possible payouts are available through video slot games. However, video slots also have some of the lowest odds possible.

While players can increase their chances slightly by playing in a certain way, slots tend to have anything between a 1% to 0.01% chance of winning when playing. This may seem insane to some players, but when you look at just how high the top prizes in some video slots rise, it makes sense that lots of other players have to lose in order to make these payouts.

As such, the majority of players who begin playing video slots will make a loss. This is why players should always set out a strategy when playing video slots. While it won’t increase the chances on a spin-to-spin basis, over the course of a large number of spins, it can make you more likely to grab one of the big wins in the game.


This is another game in the vein of Blackjack and Roulette. Of the 3 different bets in Baccarat, betting on the player gives around a 45% chance of winning. Betting on the banker also gives you roughly a 45% chance of winning. This leaves a tie at just under 10% chance of winning. While it is more likely than playing slots, betting on a single number in Roulette or a side bet in Blackjack, it’s still a very low chance of securing a win.

This is why almost every Baccarat guide there is, advises players to avoid betting on a tie. While some players might like to mix things up with a tie bet every now and then, more often than not, if you bet on a tie, then you will be losing your money. Especially if you bet in high-stakes games.

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