What to Expect From Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2

Some time early this year, there was a trend in the TV industry wherein twisty thriller TV shows were all the rage. Of course, Amazon also jumped in on the bandwagon with the release of a brand-new show entitled Tell Me Your Secrets.

The series, which was written and created by Harriet Warner (known for The Alienist and Call the Midwife), introduced us to three intriguing characters whose lives are intricately woven together but in ways that are darker than you can imagine. For instance, one of these characters is a woman who’s in Witness Protection, and she’s forced into a brand-new life and identity in a new town in an effort to escape her previous life.

We also have another woman—a mother—who has been searching desperately for her missing daughter. Her daughter had been missing for a couple of years already, so she was already presumed dead at that point. However, the mother refuses to give up the search.

The third character is a serial predator who has been hired to do the dirty work of someone else, all while trying desperately to keep his old impulses at bay. Warner was able to create a gripping and heart-pounding story, woven beautifully within a 10-episode TV show.

Tell Me Your Secrets was a major hit among its viewers, as can be inferred from its positive Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and many were left wanting more by the time the season finale was over. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t said anything about renewing Tell Me Your Secrets for a second season, but not all hope is lost just yet.

At this point, it’s still completely possible for a Season 2 to be in the works one of these days or in the near future. Here are our predictions for Season 2, if ever the show does get picked up for renewal.


Overview of Season 1

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 introduced us to the character named Mary Barlow, a mother who’s desperately trying to find her missing daughter, Theresa. Theresa was last seen with an infamous serial killer known as Kit Parker. Meanwhile, Kit’s ex-lover, Karen, has recently been released from jail. Not only that, she’s now under a Witness Protection Program and has changed her identity to “Emma.”

Emma can’t remember whether she helped Kit perform all the crimes he committed, but Mary remains suspicious of her. That being said, Mary is hopeful that Theresa is still alive because her body was never found. In an effort to try and find some answers, Mary plans to visit Kit in jail—but just as she was about to go, the killer is found dead in his cell after an alleged suicide.

Mary then decides that Emma is the only one who can answer her burning questions, so she employs the service of John Tyler in an effort to find her. However, in a massive turn of events, it’s revealed that John used to be a rapist who’s still struggling to fight back against his urges.

During the season finale, John tracks and captures Emma. He ruthlessly interrogates her while trying to stamp down his sexual urges at the same time. Mary arrives at the scene while Emma is tied up to a chair. She argues with John about how he handled the situation; meanwhile, Emma breaks free.

In the ensuing chaos, Mary shoots John and then locks him up in a cupboard. She then demands answers from Emma while pointing a gun at her. And at this point, it seems Emma is ready to reveal everything to Mary—and they’re not the answers she expected to hear about her daughter.


Emma reveals that Theresa and Kit were already dating before she and Kit had anything to do with each other. Not only that, Theresa was the one who helped Kit murder all those people. Once Emma became pregnant with Kit’s daughter, Freya, Theresa wanted to get rid of Emma because she had feelings for Kit.

In summary, Theresa was very much alive, and she has kept murdering people all while pretending that her name was Karen/Emma. To make matters worse, Theresa had kidnapped Frey as a last act of vengeance.

Mary can’t seem to grasp the reality of the truth, however, and announces during a press conference to the whole world that Emma was and is to blame for all the killings. Seeing as this is how Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 had ended, there’s no reason why Amazon wouldn’t renew it for a Season 2, what with all the unresolved circumstances going on.

Season 2’s Potential Storyline

Of course, there are so many things that could potentially happen in Season 2, seeing as the characters need to resolve a bunch of things. For one thing, we can be sure that Emma will do everything she can to take back Freya, her daughter, from Theresa. This won’t be an easy task for her, though, seeing as the entire world now believes that she’s a wanted criminal thanks to Mary’s press conference.

On the other hand, Mary’s lie during the press conference could lead to catastrophic consequences for herself. If the police find out that she had lied by blaming the real Emma for Theresa’s crimes, she could end up facing some jail time for trying to tamper with the investigation.

Besides that, John will probably be back, too, seeing as he was able to escape from the locked cupboard. There’s a chance that he’ll be out to target both Mary and Emma: Mary because he’ll want revenge for what he did, and Emma to deal with his sexual desires.


When Will Season 2 Be Released?

As of now, there’s no estimated release date just yet for Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2. We don’t even know yet if the show will be renewed. But if Amazon does pick it up again for a new season within 2021, it’s possible that Season 2 could be premiered by early 2023.

You might be wondering why it would take that long, but you have to factor in the fact that the production team would have to write the script, cast new characters, contact old characters to reprise their role, do the actual filming, and then edit the entire new season to ensure that it’s good to go for viewer consumption.

As such, releasing the potential second season in early 2023 makes sense, especially since the first season had a February release as well. Of course, these are all estimates and presumptions, and the new season’s release date could be postponed indefinitely depending on any production delays, too.

But first and foremost, we have to wait for Amazon’s announcement as to whether the network wants to renew the show.


Overall, seeing as Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 left all of its viewers hanging, we can only hope that Amazon will announce Season 2 soon so that we can finally have answers to many of our questions.

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