Phil Spencer-Signed Xbox Series X Being Sold On eBay

A special Xbox Series X unit, signed by Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, has emerged on eBay, listing for more than $2800. The Xbox Series X is a remarkably difficult console to purchase with scalpers increasing the cost into thousands.

Microsoft’s $500 console already has a high asking price but the demand is present. Over the past several months, the Xbox Series X has time and again sold out in seconds across different retailers every time they restock.

Microsoft has bragged that the Xbox Series X is currently the most powerful console on the market and is capable of offering 120 FPS at 4K resolution. Its value is increased even more by things such as the Xbox Game Pass which offers an expansive collection of games for a cheap subscription price.


The Xbox Series X may be difficult to get a hold of right now but if one is willing to spend a few thousand bucks, they can get one for a good cause. Phil Spencer has signed an Xbox Series X with his signature as well as his Xbox Gamertag, P3, making it a unique console.

The console is now available on eBay and its highest bid currently puts it at over $2800. The bidding will conclude on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at 7 PM ET. All of the proceeds will go toward the New York Video Game Critics Circle non-profit.

The group helps inspire game writers and also aids less fortunate individuals to learn about gaming. This ranges from visiting homeless shelters for kids to paid internships for young gaming writers as well as hosting panels about the games industry at New York public libraries.


Spencer mentioned on Twitter that it was a remarkable cause and was glad to help contribute in his own way. It’s a much better way to purchase an Xbox than through a scalper, but the buyer must be willing to spend a lot of funds for the console.

Provided that Phil Spencer is one of the most endeared faces in the video gaming industry, this would make a fantastic addition to the collection of any Xbox fan. The famous executive assisted the Xbox One from certain downfall when he became Xbox CEO early in the generation.

He helped usher in significant changes that have eventually shaped the world of gaming in the past few years with Xbox Game Pass, supporting crossplay, and a lot more. With the new generation of gaming in motion, it’s highly probable that Spencer will continue to push Xbox forward as well as gaming.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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