Ager’s Scepter Catalyst Coming To Destiny Next Week

Destiny 2 has evolved significantly as a result of its seasonal format, which also served as a creative outlet for Bungie to try out new missions and weapon ideas. Season of the Chosen’s hidden Exotic mission, Presage, is an example of this.

It was generally acclaimed by the community as one of the finest missions in the game, and it even rekindled the enthusiasm for Destiny 2 in some who had lost it. Adding Exotics through story objectives that are closely intertwined with a Season’s storyline is a really engaging approach to provide additional material in both directions, and it has worked well for the game thus far.

Other notable Exotics have been introduced in this fashion, such as Hawkmoon and Ruinous Effigy, while others, such as Vex Mythoclast with the Vault of Glass Raid, have been featured in other kinds of content launched in a given Season.


From the first week of its calendar, Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost teased a new Exotic, one that is connected to how the narrative of Mara and Uldren Sov, now Crow, intersects with the modifications to the weapon sandbox and the introduction of Kinetic Stasis weapons. This weapon is known as Ager’s Sceptre, and it’s a Stasis trace rifle that you can get right now.

Ager’s Sceptre appears to be a solid weapon for both PVE and PVP, slowing down kills and subsequently freezing adjacent foes with its Stasis aspect. Ager’s Sceptre will have a catalyst, as is typical with all new Exotic weapons, and while the slot is presently available, the catalyst will not be released this week. Because the information originates from Bungie’s official Destiny 2 Twitter account, there can be no errors.

Bungie said in a recent tweet that the catalyst for Ager’s Sceptre would be available starting next week on reset, or September 21. It won’t be a random drop from Strikes like most earlier catalysts, but will instead be connected to the current seasonal activity under the term Astral Alignment.

This will very certainly result in a surge in Astral Alignment’s popularity in Destiny 2, as having a catalyst on Exotic weapons grants them additional benefits as well as the ability to produce Orbs of Power.

Some Exotics, like as Deathbringer, become incredibly strong and easy to employ, allowing a Gambit player to deny 60 Motes to the other team with a single shot. As a result, it shouldn’t be surprising if the catalyst for Ager’s Sceptre makes the weapon considerably more powerful, and this is most likely the intention.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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