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Immigration is influenced by a combination of several factors, such as economy, society, politics, environment, etc. That is why people choose different countries for relocation and various grounds for registration of the documents. In accordance with the reviews, the first thing, that immigrants learn before the immigration procedure is the legislation of the country of relocation.

Statistics show us the following information about migration flows: immigration to the European Union from non-EU countries amounted to 1.9 million people in 2020. The number of immigrants is increasing year by year, and the company, named, helps them to handle the relocation process easily.

Why do you need a European passport?

There are many benefits for immigrants from third-world countries who have dreamed of moving all their lives to become a resident of a developing state.

Pros of the status of EU citizen:

  • Business activities on convenient terms;
  • Opportunity to use a high level of medical care;
  • Government support at all stages of the relocation process;
  • Right to live in any state of the European Union;
  • Visa-free traveling to 100+ countries in the world;
  • Right to get a loan or mortgage in EU banks.

In comparison with such documents as residence permits and permanent residence permits, a passport gives much more benefits to its holders. It concerns work opportunities (people will be allowed to obtain leadership positions); the right to vote in elections; and validity terms of the document (no need to renew it every 3 years).

Are the lawyers of worth your attention?

In addition to the information about Migration Centr on its website and the reviews of the clients, it fully assists people during the relocation process, suggesting such immigration procedures as repatriation. has served hundreds of immigrants which proves that people trust the company. Amongst others, it has a good reputation on the Internet, and analyzing the reviews, we did find just positive ones. In case you are wondering if is really a good advisor, learn the reviews, and make your own opinion about it.

Migrationcentr reviews reviews

Contact the experts via the phone number, indicated on their official website, by email or other contact form.

Is it possible to register an EU passport with

Migration Centr works in accordance with the law of Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, and other countries, as mentioned on its official website: official website

Also, it follows the amendments which may appear during the registration process. The time frame of obtaining an EU passport, which they announced during the consultation, ranges from 9 months. According to the reviews about, this can be easily handled, because lawyers work for the result, and do not waste their time on some inappropriate actions.

If you are interested in how to obtain an EU passport with Migration Centr, then read about the stages of the cooperation:

  1. Signing the agreement, analyzing the case of the customer, making an individual plan;
  2. Collecting the papers, notarizing them, and submitting them to the authorized body (can be performed by the lawyers, if you sign the power of attorney);
  3. The oath should always be taken by the candidates themselves;
  4. Registering ID-card.


In accordance with international statistics, immigration has become one of the most popular things to change one’s life completely. To make that journey easier, the company suggests its assistance to everyone, who is eager to relocate, and avoid time-consuming procedures. Reviews on prove that the lawyers take responsibility for a lot of things – from collecting the papers to communicating with the authorities. This means that applicants do not have to speak the specific language of the country of relocation, know EU legislation, or spend their efforts running around archives and authorities. Contact to get a free initial consultation, and leave your own review about the company’s professionalism.

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