Until now, the Toyota Avanza is still one of the best-selling car types on the market. We can easily see this fact from the large population of Toyota’s MPV cars that dominate the streets, especially in Indonesia. Do you know why Avanza become so popular? The Toyota Avanza is in great demand by the public not because this car is very special, because the Toyota Avanza is a type of Low MPV car. This car also has good quality that makes many people want to buy it.

Why Toyota Avanza is Famous?

There are still lots of people who want to buy this Low-MPV type car. One of the reasons is because this car is one of the best family cars. This car, which is capable of carrying 7 passengers, was able to beat its twin brother, the Daihatsu Xenia.

So what makes Avanza is famous than other low-MPV cars? Here are some reasons that you might not know.

1. Toyota is a Very Famous Brand

The public mindset of a brand or car brand is still very strong. This is used by Toyota through the Avanza to captivate the hearts of its consumers. If we look at the Toyota brand itself, this is a brand that is very experienced in the automotive world. Therefore, the used Toyota Avanza is still the target of consumers, especially for Indonesian people because of the brand factor itself.

Toyota cars are always known for their luxury and quality. Besides, the selling price of Toyota cars is still quite stable. So for people who already own a used Toyota Avanza, they no longer need to be confused about where to find the place where they should sell their car to get the best price.

2. Passenger Capacity

The reason why there are still many people who buy used Toyota Avanza cars is its ability to carry the number of passengers. Toyota Avanza has quite a lot of passenger capacity (7 passengers). People in Asia, especially Indonesian people, tend to want to buy cars that have a large passenger capacity such as MPVs instead of sedans or hatchbacks.

3. Performance

Both the used and new Toyota Avanza are provided with a rear tire drive system. The Toyota Avanza is also known as a powerful car, especially if we bring our family and pass through tough terrain such as inclines and so on. Certainly, the Toyota Avanza can easily cross all road terrains.

The reason why people still like used Toyota Avanza is its economical fuel. The Toyota Avanza is provided with 1300cc and 1500cc engine variants with a rear-wheel-drive system so that the engine work is not too heavy, resulting in optimal fuel efficiency.

4. Body Quality

Even though the quality of the material for the Toyota Avanza is not the best, at least the quality of the materials used to wrap the car body is still relatively better than the quality of the body on the Xenia.

Moreover, the Toyota Avanza has undergone a quality test and got pretty good results from the ASEAN NCAP version as well as maintenance on a used Toyota Avanza car that is very easy to do. These advantages make this car worthy of being one of the best low-MPVs.

5. Spare Parts are Easy to Find

Another reason why the Toyota Avanza is popular is that the spare parts are very easy to find. Almost all official and non-official workshops always provide spare parts for this car. Even though the price is not exactly cheap, the spare parts for the Toyota Avanza are known to have good quality.

Also, the large number of workshops that provide Toyota parts makes access to repair or service easier. This is one of the considerations when someone is about to buy a car.

6. Rear Wheel Drive System

We can say that the Toyota Avanza is a unique MPV car because it uses a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) system. As is known, the RWD configuration is mostly used in sports cars to support a big boost. For a family car, the rear wheel system also provides excellent benefits. A lot of people say that the Avanza can pass through roads with various terrain because of the configuration of the rear-wheel drive.

This car also has a high ground clearance of 200 mm. Plus, the Avanza has a turning radius of only 4.7 meters. This shows that the Avanza is truly one of the best low-MPV cars up to now.

7. It has Many Variants and Safety Features

In terms of price, Avanza is not the cheapest low MPV among its competitors. But the advantage of this Avanza is that it has many variants offered to consumers so that it can provide various choices for potential customers.

For example, starting from type E, G to the highest type, namely Veloz, each of which has two choices, namely 1,300cc or 1,500cc engines. Moreover, Toyota Avanza also provides options for manual or automatic transmission.

In addition to the many types of choices on the Avanza, another thing that is the strength of this car is its safety features. Starting from the two airbags on the front, ISOFIX standard seats, ABS brakes to complete seat belts for the seven passengers which is enough to make a low MPV class car quite safe at a price that is still fairly affordable.

8. The Aftersale of Toyota Avanza

Great public interest and a very popular brand name make Avanza’s selling prices tend to be more stable than its competitors. This is generally always an important consideration when someone intends to buy a used car. They may sell it back one day, either because they need money or because they are bored and want to replace it with a new car.


Those are some reasons why Toyota Avanza becomes popular. Now, we know that this car surely makes a lot of people want to buy it although the price is quite expensive than other low-MPV cars.