The new expansion Shadowlands is changing a lot in the World of Warcraft we have got used to. The level system is remade completely: now Level 60 is the peak, for example. But one of the most controversial decisions concerns dungeons. There have always been two ways of upgrading your character: through dungeon raiding and through quests. Which of them is the Shadowlands fastest leveling? Let’s see.

New Dungeons, Old Problems

The problem with dungeons is persistent in WoW. They are not equal, and, while some of the new ten dungeons are real fun (especially the roguelike Torghast), others are just dull. The situation is a bit saved by the fact that now entering a dungeon requires some preparation. You may need to switch your talents to activate those you’d need down there.

As for Torghast, it’s the most interesting dungeon in this game, constantly changing its plan and traps. This rogue-like episode could have been the most popular in the game, but the reward can only be won once a week. Other dungeons are fun in their own way – some easy, some challenging. The problem with all of them is they do not reward you enough to revisit frequently.

A Good Quest Is Hard to Find

What has changed about quests in Shadowland is that finding a good quest with a decent reward has become way harder. Not that there are too few of them. Quests are still numerous, and (given reviewed level system) they will take less time to get through to the max.

On the other hand, it’s the fun you are playing WoW for, right? And that’s where new quests fail: they are not so much fun as they could have been. The bright side of them is stories now. They are so well-written that you do not want to miss the backstory and proceed to do the quest.

Practice Is the Answer

While the level cap is now reduced to 60, you can take your time and upgrade all of your characters, one by one. It may take more time if you’re an exploring type, taking trips all around. But for those inclined to upgrade, focusing on levels, it will take much less.

Assuming that you are a casual player and give it about 2 hours a day, the whole way from Level 1 to 60 within Shadowlands expansion will take you up to 30 days. Those who have already played WoW and have access to other expansions, may go to Level 50 in down to 12 hours and then return to Shadowlands to reach Level 60.

As for the record breakers, the fastest Level 60 recorded in Shadowlands took less than 10 hours. Des Mephisto, one of the most prominent WoW streamers, has shown how to reach Level 50 in 3 hours 30 minutes, and then reach Level 60 in 5 hours and 37 minutes. What did he do to progress that fast? Well, he mostly followed the campaign but took some quests that promised the biggest reward.

Do as They Say?

Strange as it sounds, it seems that in Shadowlands, the best way to level your character is neither dungeons nor quests (though some of them are still necessary). Campaign is the way. At least the best players show it.

And what do you think about fast leveling? Is it worth a shot at all? Or would you rather give Shadowlands enough time to explore it inside out? Have you reached Level 60, by the way? And what covenant did you choose? Is Shadowlands worth it at all? Drop a comment to share what you think, and share the article not to drop it.