If things about the main quests in “Hogwarts Legacy” become too monotonous for you, you can take a break and fulfill some side quests instead. Previously here on PVP Live, you learned how to complete side quests like Hippogriff Marks the Spot and Solved by the Bell. This time, you’ll be guided on completing the game’s Minding Your Own Business side quest. 

Overview Of The Minding Your Own Business Side Quest

“Hogwarts Legacy’s” Minding Your Own Business side quest is both fun and rewarding to play, albeit being able to take you to the game’s “psychological horror” side. As soon as you finish this quest, you can buy and run your own shop in the Wizarding World. 

However, this side quest is exclusive only to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. 

Also, note that the Minding Your Own Business side quest is only available during the game’s winter season. You may need to wait until this season arrives to do the side quest.


Here are the rewards you’ll get upon completing the side quest:

  • Shopkeeper’s set (cosmetic)
  • Shopkeeper’s coat
  • Shopkeeper’s top hat
  • Shopkeeper’s attire

Now, let’s head to the guide. 

Side Quest Milestones

To make it easier for you to know the order of the things you need to do for the Minding Your Own Business side quest, we are enumerating them in milestones.

  • Speak with the house-elf located outside the vacant store in Hogsmeade
  • Talk to Cassandra Mason
  • Collect 1,500 Gold to buy the shop from Mason
  • Talk again to Penny, the house-elf
  • Clean up and do repairs
  • Open the mysterious chest
  • Rummage through what lies underneath
  • Explore the library
  • Entertain Fastidio 
  • Go back to the foyer
  • Explore the atrium
  • Play with the poltergeist
  • Get back to the foyer
  • Venture beyond the doors of the foyer
  • Challenge Fastidio 
  • Get back to the shop and talk to Penny again
  • Look for Officer Singer
  • Confront Mason 
  • Return to the shop

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of those milestones.

Speak With The House-Elf Located Outside The Vacant Store In Hogsmeade

To begin the Minding Your Own Business side quest, proceed to Hogsmeade and head to the vacant store near the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame. Then, talk to Penny, the house-elf. She is just outside the shop. 

Talk To Cassandra Mason

After conversing with Penny, she will direct you to her master, Cassandra Mason, who owns the vacant shop. You may use the tracker to look for Mason within Hogsmeade.

Collect 1,500 Gold To Buy The Shop From Mason

After connecting with Mason, she shall agree to sell you her shop for 1,500 Galleons. Once you have this amount, speak with her again so she can hand you the store’s paperwork.

She will also ask for your help collating her late husband’s valuables in the shop. She will hand you the key to her spouse’s chest.

Talk Again To Penny, The House-Elf

Then, you will need to go back to the vacant store and speak to Penny again. This time, you will gain entry to the shop.

Clean Up And Do Repairs

As usual, things in the shop, now yours, will not look exactly how you want them to be. So, cast the Reparo spell to fix the clutter. Then, the house-elf will lead you to her late master’s chest.

Open The Mysterious Chest

But wait up right here. Before you proceed, be sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming dungeon. You cannot leave until you complete this. What you need to do is equip yourself with the best gear and stock up on potions to make sure you are genuinely ready for what lies ahead.

After doing so, look for the mysterious chest in the other room of the store. Interacting with it brings out a cutscene. This shall reveal a hidden ladder that leads to the underground, making the official start of your journey through the dungeon. The best is yet to come.

Rummage Through What Lies Underneath

As soon as you are able to open the locked door inside the room where the chest is, you will enter a maze full of shifting and changing rooms. While the path is simple to follow, it can get perplexing because of the constant movement. 

Your first destination now is a room full of old stuff and mannequins. You will also find a chest containing an elf-sized hat. If you try to leave, the door will shut. If you cast a spell on a mannequin, you will be brought to a dark room filled with hanging mannequins. Here’s what to do. Cast Lumos to light up your path. Follow that path until you reach a massive locked door. 

To open that door, cast Accio and Wingardium Leviosa to carry a lamp on the right side. Now you need to hang this on the other pedestal. Doing so unlocks the door so you can go inside the next room. 

Here, you will meet Fastidio, a malevolent poltergeist who has been guiding you through the shifting rooms all along. But you cannot be with Fastidio for too long. You need to make an exit eventually.

This poltergeist will hurl furniture at you, but you can either attack or dodge it. Then, you will find two rooms on either side of the foyer. You can explore either of the two. Start by heading to the left room, which takes you to the library.

Explore The Library

There are more twists and turns in this part of the side quest. You will need to find two lanterns so you can unlock the door and move forward to the next level. Though this library is a confusing maze, Fastidio will still guide you, providing clues. Cast Lumos to guide you through the dark hallways. 

Wandering around the library, you will encounter a room with three doors. Choose to go with the one that opens. Then, repeat that process twice to find your first lantern. You may also encounter a circular hallway, as well as a long one that turns into a small room with mannequins. 

In the final room in this mysterious library, you will come across a jack-in-the-box. Interacting with it brings you to a battle versus the mannequins that will charge at you in numbers. Once you defeat them, you will get your first lantern. It kind of requires a lot, but be patient. 

Then, on the left side of this library, you’ll come across various upside-down rooms as you find your second lantern. If you find yourself lost, simply turn around. The doors and passages will change or open when you’re not looking. After you solve these puzzles, you will end up back at the library with your second lantern with you already.

Entertain Fastidio

Now go inside the library. Fastidio, the poltergeist guiding you, will also be charging at you. The only option for now is to dodge his attacks. You can’t do anything to beat him other than beating the mannequins that he summons.

Go Back To The Foyer

Go back to the foyer to reach the following location as you move forward with this side quest.

Explore The Atrium

Head to the other room to get to the atrium. Now you must navigate your way through the shifting rooms to locate two lanterns you will use to open the next room.

Cast the Accio and Wingardium Leviosa spells to move these lanterns across the platforms, and destroy any object floating around you. 

Be sure you defeat all the mannequins in the room, then hang the first lantern on the pedestal before you head to the other side of the atrium. To get the second lantern, defeat the mannequins inside the chest room.

Play With The Poltergeist

Now go back to the large room and meet Fastidio again. He will throw items at you, so you must break them before he summons mannequins to attack you. To end his attack, defeat all the mannequins.

Venture Beyond The Doors Of The Foyer

Now, you will need to follow the path beyond the doors of the foyer to get to the cemetery. Here, you will meet Fastidio again. But this time, the poltergeist will offer you a deal.

Challenge Fastidio

Fastidio will then challenge you to a bout, hurling stuff at you, but you can dodge them. He will also create Fastidio’s Monster and bring forward mannequins that will attack you. You will need to destroy Fastidio’s Monster and defeat the mannequins so the poltergeist can yield.

Get Back To The Shop And Talk To Penny Again

By this time, you are most likely already away from the intense encounters. Get back to the shop, talk to Penny again, and choose your response during the dialog. Then, you will have to seek help from Officer Singer.

Look For Officer Singer

Simply follow the marker to look for Officer Singer. Then, report to her what Mason has been doing with her shop.

Confront Mason

The last battle before this side quest is complete happens with Mason as you confront and fight her in her house. There are three phases here. In the first phase, she will cast spells on you. You can quickly unleash your combos at her, then move forward to the second phase.

In this phase, Mason will throw rocks at you. Dodge the first two, and time your Protego spell on the third rock to throw it back at Mason and break her shield. You can attack her this time. 

In the last phase, Mason will mix her spells and teleport around. Here’s the way. Avoid her attacks and wait until she does a rock attack so you can break her shield and inflict damage upon her until she recovers. Once her health is depleted, Officer Singer can arrest her.

Return To The Shop

Finally, go back to the shop and speak with Penny about Cassandra’s arrest and the shop’s transfer of ownership. Give her the elf-sized hat so she can be free. Then, choose a sign for your new shop from a range of options. Now, the quest is complete. Enjoy your rewards.

Coming To More Platforms In 2024!

“Hogwarts Legacy’s” Minding Your Own Business may be a PlayStation-exclusive for now, but it will be available on other platforms by February 2024. 

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