Wizards, witches, fantastic beasts like the Hippogriff, the Hogwarts castle, and more – there are many things to explore when you play the “Hogwarts Legacy” game. Then, there are the side quests, which are pretty enticing, too. One of those side quests is the Hippogriff Marks the Spot.

The Hippogriff Marks the Spot is a peculiar treasure hunt side quest in the game that many players say is easy to miss and even more perplexing to solve. Came across this side quest and wondering how you can complete it? Here’s a guide to help you. 

Locating Henrietta’s Map

Before you trigger the Hippogriff Marks the Spot side quest, it is strongly recommended that you first finish some few main quests so you can arm yourself with some powerful spell sets. Unlike other side quests, the Hippogriff Marks the Spot side quest will involve combat. Thus, Glacius and Incendio are two essential spells you need for this quest, so make sure you unlock them and equip yourself with these. 

To complete this side quest, you need to have Henrietta’s map. So let’s get started. First, get the map and find the Poidsear Castle. 

Set up a waypoint and head to the location. Find a rolled parchment on top of a desk under a shed on the castle grounds. Doing so triggers the side quest and will also reveal to you the location of Henrietta’s Hideaway, where your treasure is.

This is a dungeon located in the Manor Cape region, which is in the southern portion of the game’s map. You can find its entrance by descending the stairs to the place’s southeast side. Please refer to Henrietta’s map, where the entrance is marked. 

Getting To The Puzzle Room

As you get into this dungeon, you will find yourself inside a room with two magic platforms on the ground. One will already have a cube on it. The second cube is behind a pedestal on the left side of the room. You can identify this pedestal quickly as it has a stone figure with a fire pot in front of it. Cast the Incendio spell to light the fire, then use Accio to grab the cube and place it on the left platform. 

You can cast the Revelio spell to make things easier for you. Once the spell is cast, you can find all the interactive options inside the room. The two cubes will tell you which spells you need to cast on each: the Incendio spell on the left and the Glacius spell on the right. Eventually, you will be able to open a locked door just in front of you, which leads you to the puzzle room. 

Solving The Puzzle

Upon getting inside the puzzle room, you will find a statue of a Hippogriff, as also shown on Henrietta’s map. The statue is with some hostile enemies. Well, the area will be filled with enemies. They are mostly Ashwinders, like what you can chance upon throughout the game. Use the spells in your arsenal to defeat them quickly. You may also find stuff around that you can use to throw at these enemies.

The key to solving the puzzle here in this room is on Henrietta’s map. The illustration of the Hippogriff, with eight positions around it, will be your solution. In it, positions one, three, four, and seven are marked with a flame symbol. Refer to the image below for your guide.

You need to light up the corresponding bowls in the puzzle using the Incendio spell and extinguish the rest with the Glacius spell. 

This opens up a small wall on the other side of the room that has a treasure box. This is where you can find the Treasure-Seeker’s Gloves. The quest ends once you are able to collect them. This reward is nice, especially if you are after the Treasure-Seekers appearance set. 

You Can Also Complete The Rescuing Rococo And Solved By The Bell Side Quests From Here

If you want, before leaving Henrietta’s Hideaway, you can also complete the Rescuing Rococo side quest, provided that you have already met with Agness Coffey in Bainburgh. This side quest requires you to head to Henrietta’s Hideaway and proceed deeper into the ruins, like how you did while completing the Hippogriff Marks the Spot side quest. 

In the next room filled with Ashwinders, you can stumble upon a hidden chamber behind an enchanted wall on the room’s right-hand side. Inside, you can find the Musical Map, which you will need to start the Solved by the Bell side quest, on the other hand. 

“Hogwarts Legacy” gamers can finish the Hippogriff Marks the Spot and Rescuing Rococo side quests within just 15 minutes if you pursue both these during your first visit to Henrietta’s Hideaway. Otherwise, it will take around 10 minutes each to complete. The Solved by the Bell side quest requires you to travel to Clagmar Castle after acquiring the Musical Map, but it is also possible to complete this side quest in under five minutes if players know the solution to the puzzle. Here’s a guide PVP Live has provided on how to complete the Solved by the Bell side quest.

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