Believe it or not, the click through rate on ads for mobile apps has increased in spite of the fact that the cost has come down. Good news for marketers! However, not every business or startup can afford the cost of these ads and more will prefer to bootstrap their business by keeping things frugal.

In this article, we take a look at strategies to market your app for free and guerrilla tactics that can help you inch ahead of the completion without even reaching for your wallet!

8 Awesome Strategies to Market Your App for Free this Year

1. Organic Posts on Social Media

Social media is the first place that every savvy marketer will look to market an app for free. While paid promotions can be very powerful (more on that in a moment), organic content is often more effective on social media when done the right way. More specifically, it’s better to connect with online users rather than trying to sell all the time. In fact, the latter will leave you ignored while joining and starting meaningful conversations will help your target market care more about what you have to say.

2. Influencer Marketing for Better Reach and Conversions

Let’s face it, influencer marketing is the Real Deal. That is to say, there was a time when many marketers looked upon influencer marketing as some kind of passing trend. However, statistics show that influencers continue to outperform most businesses when it comes to sales and click through rates. Just so you know, recent studies show that online users are significantly more likely to trust an influencer before a brand and interaction on their social media accounts can testify to these studies.

3. Launch a Press Release with an Interesting Story

Publishing a press release is still one of the most effective ways to gain publicity for an app. That being said, it’s important to have an interesting and relevant story behind this app. As part of a press release, it’s also necessary to communicate this story with various bloggers, influencers and media professionals as you cannot expect them to find you without blowing your own trumpet!

4. Guest Blogging About Your App

In spite of what you may have experienced in the past, payment is not required in every instance of guest blogging. In fact, most websites welcome submissions at the very least and this is a great opportunity for these websites to receive high-quality content – for free. With some decent research, this is also a freeway for marketers to get their app in front of the masses. On the other hand, you must put time into this one and make the piece as relevant as possible to the website.

By the way, maybe you already know some bloggers or influential websites in the same industry? It’s worth asking for a guest post…

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5. Optimize Your App in the App Store

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that can get a website to the top of the search rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Meanwhile, App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process with a similar aim of getting an app to the forefront of search results in an App Store. In case you might be asking yourself, this means that your app and tagline should have a distinctive and relevant name for your chosen industry. Moreover, you can optimize the App description and feature clear, high-quality images that will impress at the App Store.

6. Posting on Your Website About The App

For many app creators, this might seem like a no-brainer but many website owners forget to utilize their current resources. For instance, it’s a perfectly good idea to create a blog post for your own website about the app. In fact, it’s even fine to post a relevant blog post every week about this app and share it like crazy on social media. Needless to say, these posts must be created with the a8m or providing value to the end-user. With this in mind, you might want to start by telling them how your app can help solve a specific problem or issue in their daily lives.

7. Tutorial Videos on YouTube and IGTV

As an authority in your space, video is arguably the most effective medium through which you can create value-driven content that your target market will want to consume. More specifically, tutorials can work wonders and this is especially true when your app is designed to provide a solution to a specific problem. While Tik Tok and other social media channels are worth exploring, Facebook, YouTube, and IGTV are still the best places for video content. Either way, video is still as popular as ever and this is unlikely to change anytime soon…so get on it!

8. Pay More Attention to LinkedIn

Facebook groups are an absolute dream for marketers and the easiest way to locate your target market in one swoop. While you will need to be smart about what you post in these groups, it’s worth noting that products or apps that provide genuine value will be appreciated. That being said, you should try reaching out first and possibly extending a referral program to the group admins.

Final Thoughts

With more than two million apps in each of the major app stores, generating traffic is never easy for an app of any description. In fact, getting traction is arguably the most challenging prospect for creators and the reason why most apps fail to survive in the long run. Just so you know, adverts for mobile apps come with a price stage but ads for mobile apps do work. At the same time, it’s possible to market your app for free and hard work is often the differentiator that enables certain apps to stand out from the crowd and establish a click-through rate that blows the competition away!