While a number of digital marketing trends come and go, there are a few that are set to stay in the new year, helping businesses to reach their target audiences in new ways. While a PPC Management Agency can help you manage your ongoing strategies; there are a few trends that you can implement yourself or at least consider in order to start the new year on the right foot. See how you could transform your marketing strategy below!

Video Marketing

With attention spans in decline, keeping your audience engaged on your website is becoming more and more difficult. However, with the use of video marketing, you can keep users engaged for longer through the use of well-constructed, interesting videos. Videos don’t have to be several minutes long either, as some of the shorter, more specific videos actually outperform those that have clearly take more time to create. As such, consider how you can turn your existing content, slideshows, and presentations into a video. Video editing tools and equipment are continually improving and becoming user-friendlier; this makes it easier for even small business owners to implement video marketing in their strategy. Granted, partnering with explainer video production and marketing agencies can help you earn better brand reach and conversion results by putting out high-quality advanced content.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is on the rise again, with more businesses reaching out to people with a large social following. Not only is influencer marketing more authentic, or so it is thought, but in some cases, it can be more successful than generic marketing efforts such a paid social media advertisements and print advertising. Previous influencer marketing campaigns have involved beauty gurus, teen mums, and fashion bloggers depending on your product or service.

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Social Messaging Apps

While social media allows people to contact some of their favorite brands to learn more about a product or service or to receive customer service, we have seen a rise in the use of social messaging apps. The likes of Facebook Messengers and even WhatsApp have been used throughout the duration of 2019, and we can expect the trend to follow the digital marketing world into the new year too. How could you use a social messaging app to your business advantage?

Voice Search

For the past few years, we have been bombarded with the fact that, by 2020, almost half of all searches are expected to be made by voice. Now we’re just weeks away from the new year, we can confirm that the voice search trend will carry on into 2020, forcing businesses to reconsider their existing strategies to ensure it is suitable. The use of voice isn’t just limited to smartphones either, with more and more companies coming out with products that are activated by voice such as the Google Assistant and Amazon’s famous Alexa.

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Social Media Stories

In addition to the rise of social messaging apps, social media stories have also become more popular in 2019, with the trend expected to continue in 2020. Now, several social media platforms have the chance for users to upload “Stories,” showing people what they are up to in real-time. First, starting with Snapchat, Instagram, and now even Facebook have their own versions of the craze. YouTube has even succumbed to the trend, releasing YouTube Reels in November to avoid missing out.

Shoppable Posts

Following Instagram’s “Instagram Checkout,” more and more networks have jumped onto the social commerce bandwagon. More recently, Pinterest has joined the hype, allowing users to “Shop the Look” through Buyable Pins, which allow users to shop a specific product or item which has been tagged within a Pin. What’s more, the popular social media platform has made shopping online that little bit easier by allowing users to shop their favorite products both online and on the mobile app!

We have seen numerous digital marketing trends in 2019, with some becoming more popular than ever. Nonetheless, many of these trends we can also expect to see in the new year, helping us marketers to reach audiences in new ways. What trend will you be taking on board in 2020?

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