Getting married while at college is not something new – people have been doing it for ages. However, when it comes to money, most have relied on their parents or savings. But now that people prefer living in the present rather than the future, savings have become somewhat a rare occurrence.

Everyone from waiters to professional essay writers would agree that weddings are expensive. It feels like a well-known fact that literally, everyone knows by now. But what if it’s not true? In this article, you will find out how to throw together a fabulous wedding on a budget, without it being obvious!

Spending Limit

Whenever we go shopping or even look for an essay writer online, we tend to have a spending limit. Yet, for some reason, with weddings, people often forget about that. Having a budget set for the celebration will help you not to overspend. Sure, you will have to spend time thinking about how to cut costs here and there, but in the end, you won’t have to go broke or borrow money from anyone!


Location is one of the most memorable, important, and expensive parts of a wedding. It can cost you anything from $1,000 to $10,000. But is it really worth it? If you are a student, we don’t expect your budget to be much more than that. Let’s think about a way around it. The perfect option for an on-budget wedding would be talking to your friends. Do you know someone who owns a cafe? Or is it a friend of a friend who works in a fancy hotel? Could they talk to the owner and get you a discount? When it comes to discounts, you have to be ready to negotiate, maybe even haggle, and have a lot of patience. And be ready to move your big date in case of an opening.

Say No to the Dress

Sure, a designer custom-made gown might look like everything you’ve ever dreamt of but those things can cost like a small house on a seaside in Spain. So, would you rather have a house, or a piece of clothing to only wear once and then look for ways to show off for the rest of your life? Here’s what to do to save on your dress:

Discount season

Since wedding gowns are usually way overpriced, those prices do get discounted at some point. You just have to know when. Summer and winter are the peak discount seasons for bridal designers since spring and fall are the peak seasons for weddings. Getting a dress at that time can save you up to 80% from the initial price!

Connect to other brides

Many are willing to sell their dresses for cheap after wearing them once or for even cheaper after not wearing them at all. Look for sites where brides resell their gowns or get a dress from your friend. A few alterations can make it unrecognizable, but the price will be at the ultimate low.

Get a floor sample

If you are dead set on the idea of having a designer dress, get one that has been on display. The price of a floor sample will be dropped significantly, depending on how long it has been out and its condition. Yet, brides-to-be and wedding boutiques do tend to treat those dresses with care, so it’s not likely you’ll get a grimy dress.

No Useless Gifts

You might think that registering at a fancy homeware store is a must-do for all couples. But, think again, do you really need all that stuff? Your taste may change, you may want to renovate the house and the old stuff will not match the new walls. Ask for money instead. Or, here’s a less invasive way – register at a honeymoon registry. This way, your guests will help your wish come true and give you the most perfect vacation you could ever ask for. Isn’t it better than a ceramic duck?


Count the Guests

Speaking of useless, set a number of guests you can host and under no circumstance allow yourself or your spouse-to-be to break this rule. Think twice before inviting your old friend you met when working for an academic essay writing service or the entire teaching staff from your college. Cutting down on guests will allow you to cut the expenses significantly, at the same time, making the wedding more private and exclusive.

Do You Really Need a DJ?

The thing is, everyone is a DJ these days. Ask around and you’ll surely find a friend who knows their way around a DJ mixer. For a small fee, you can have that person playing at certain times, and for the rest of the night, just get a killer playlist. You may even gather a song from every guest to make everyone feel heard and included.

Support Local Business

You don’t have to get a caterer to feed everyone. Think about alternative options. Do you have a favorite taco truck a few blocks from your house? Talk to the owner and invite them to cater your wedding! They will probably be very honored and your guests will be talking about the tacos for many years after.

Be the Decorator

Getting a floral decorator with all costs included can cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000. That’s an awful lot of money. So, you might want to think twice before getting a custom-made floral altar.

In reality, you can do very well without the services of a professional florist. Go on Pinterest, save the bouquets you like. Then, go on Google and see what flowers are in season at the moment. Seasonal flowers are the least expensive ones. The morning before the wedding, go to your local flower shop and pick out some flowers that match your overall style and scheme.

The rest of the table arrangements can be bought at a dollar store or thrift. Mix and match candle holders and use glass bottles to serve as vases, too.

The Rings

Gold is expensive, just like weddings in general. But think twice before spending a couple of thousands on two rings. Sure, wedding rings are a symbol and a very old tradition. But if you don’t consider yourself all that traditional, you might as well skip the rings. Do you really need a piece of jewelry to prove your love to someone? You can leave that step for your 1-year anniversary or even later. Just make sure you don’t waste your money on diamonds. Those are the biggest scam of the 20th century that still holds people captive.

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