The streaming of news channels on online forums is skyrocketing in the present day across the globe. Several individuals are opting for online streaming of the latest news, which directs towards the aim of cutting the cord.

Research depicts that live streaming will occupy 13 percent of internet traffic by 2022, which signifies a fifteen-fold growth from 2017. Additionally, streaming technologies have also evolved over the decade. Live streaming features the distribution of audio and video visuals that permit near-by stimulations capture and playback.

Considering the growing popularity of live streaming of news, we have put together a detailed guide about streaming news channels online.

The Essentials For Streaming News Channels Online

Technology Gadgets

The device on which you will stream news live tops the list of essentials that are needed to stream news channels online. However, the precise technical supplies may vary depending on the type of software that you are using. A laptop or desktop computers are a great option when it comes to streaming news online, but most people prefer using their mobile devices due to added comfort and on-the-go convenience.


Not all software will support live streams. If you are eager to watch news live on your handy devices, you need to be sure that your device is equipped with the latest software.


Obviously, you need a high-quality bandwidth to access a stable live stream of a news channel. Furthermore, we suggest you have wired communication instead of Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity. 3-5 Mbps is the recommended speed of a long-lasting connection required to access news channels on a live stream.

Identifying Reliable and Unreliable Live News Streams Apart

Gone are the days when we would browse through the channels on the TV to settle on any one news channel to watch the latest news. Today, there are virtually no boundaries. Plenty of platforms are available on the web that features live news streams. Some of them are paid while others can be accessed for free. One of the most important concerns of people who are new to streaming news channels online is whether or not they are watching the news on a reliable platform?

if a website claims to be providing CNN live stream, you’ve got to make sure that it’s really coming from CNN and not any shady source that is using the name of CNN. To help you tell if the CNN live streams you are watching are actually from CNN, we have listed down some pointers.

Check the Source

Of course, the first thing that you should confirm before trusting the news online is whether the source is reliable and trustworthy or not. For example, if you are watching CNN live stream on any website, you can confirm from the official CNN website to confirm if it’s actually coming from there. Once you have verified the source, you don’t have to do that every time you wish to stream a news channel online.

Check If News Has Been Reported by Other Sources

Another way you can confirm the reliability of a live news stream is to check the web to see if the same news has been featured by other reputable sources. If you fail to find any other platform featuring the same news that a platform is broadcasting live, you may want to double-check the authenticity of the platform.

Look Beyond the Headlines

Some news platforms use exaggerated headlines to attract viewers’ attention even when the news is unimportant or not worth the hype the platform is trying to create. If that’s the case with the platform you are currently relying on, it’s better to look for other options that are much more realistic and practical when it comes to headlines.

Streaming news live online has become the new normal. However, the web is a whole world on its own and for someone who’s new to streaming news channels online, a guide can help them stay clear of unreliable platforms.

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