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Manchester is a city in the UK nestled in the northwest. It enjoys prominence as one of the larger cities outside of London and, as such, has a rich heritage and a thriving cultural scene. The city welcomes over 1 million visitors every year, with its tourism industry worth over £7 billion. What makes Manchester different from other cities in the UK? Read below for a guide on what you can do in Manchester.

Casinos and Gambling

Manchester has several casinos for visitors to enjoy, including Manchester235 and Grosvenor Casino, a countrywide chain. These casinos offer a wide array of card and table games as well as slots and bingo. The game of bingo has become especially popular with casino goers, exploding in popularity in recent years. This popularity has resulted in a growing online footprint, with casinos now offering dedicated bingo apps. For example, Buzz Casino offers users the chance to sign up and play on a bingo app. Apps like these allow gamers the chance to play online on the go and contain bingo games across many different themes. This industry continues to grow at 11% each year, so it’s expected that more casinos will offer similar apps in the future.


The music scene in Manchester has been thriving since the 1970s. Bands such as The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and Oasis built their career in their hometown before going on to enjoy worldwide success. The city has changed since the 90s, but music is still a huge part of the fabric of the city. It now attracts the biggest names in global music, but for visitors looking for something different, there are venues a bit off the beaten track.

The Eagle Inn is an intimate venue that offers quality music at cheap prices. It also has carved out a reputation as a place to see up-and-coming bands. The Ritz is another popular location in the city. It is well known, and with years of history behind it, visitors to the venue can expect to be entertained.


Manchester is a city famous for one football team, and now because of their dominant rivals. Unlimited money from UAE has changed the dynamic between the two clubs, United and City, since 2009, so tourists have the choice of two options when visiting. If they want history and a huge fanbase, they can choose a trip to Old Trafford. While a visit across the city to the Etihad Stadium brings with it scintillating football played by the best players in the world at a club where money is no object. They are two great options and leave tourists spoilt for choice.

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK and, as such, offers something for everyone’s taste. If you don’t fancy taking in some of the attractions mentioned above, you can also visit the Manchester Art Gallery, the Science and Industry Museum, or Manchester Cathedral. Whatever you end up doing, the city won’t disappoint; just be sure to bring an umbrella no matter the time of year.

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