All the New Content in ‘League of Legends’ 10.19 update

The League of Legends 10.19 update is now online on the Public Beta Environment servers and will be released on the main servers on September 16. Riot Games is about to unleash another monster update this year since the new patch contains several new content including Samira, PsyOps, and TeamFight Tactics mode.

Even though the patch is already released on the PBE servers, they are still subject to adjustments and changes, so every existing content on these servers won’t be final until it is officially released on the main servers. However, looking at these massive updates, everything looks like they are already set in stone.


Since this year started, the ADC position has been a mess. However, the arrival of Samira looks like the answer to the situation. First things first, the new champion extremely strong but every champion released this year has been ludicrously overpowered.

She’s packed with jazzy skills with high damage and hitting enemies with alternating attacks boosts her Style. Style grants Samira bonus damage as well as enhances her movement speed. Her passive allows Samira to dash forward and immobilize enemies she hit.

Her Q is her main damage ability, her W provides AOE damage while destroying all enemy projectiles, her E deals damage while dashing and will reset when she gets a kill. Lastly, her ultimate ability deals massive damage if her Style has reached its maximum.


This new event will provide players a selection of new skins. The new skins look badass and are tech-inspired which makes them look like they came from a cyberpunk universe. In addition to this event, the True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition skin will also be coming alongside this event. The new Yasuo skin features a jaw-dropping stylish look which was collaborated with AAPE.

TeamFight Tactics: Fate

Originating from the Galaxy set, TeamFight Tactics is about to invade the Fates with new visual effects and a unique set of traits. Fixing and readjusting from the past sets, this new update has guaranteed to remove all problems from the previous patch.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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