Call of Duty Warzone: All Sins of the Father Intel Locations

Sins of the Father is the most recent Intel Mission to be included Call of Duty Warzone and is considered one of the most challenging task yet. This may be true since players will need to go through incredibly difficult terrain if they really want to accomplish this multi-part challenge in Warzone.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help players who are up for the challenge:

First Intel

The first task for players will be to “find the location in the message Ghost sent”. To start the mission players must traverse the map and go to the Zordaya Prison Complex. Upon reaching the location, players must go to the northeastern tower and pick up a coin that is lying in the center of the area.

Second Intel

After obtaining the coin, players will receive another clue telling them that “a CCTV near the metro exits may have spotted something”. Following the clue will lead players to the Verdansk International Airport’s metro station.

However, players must not go down the station since the intel they are looking for is the CCTV camera located outside the building beside the metro’s entrance.

Third Intel

After interacting with the CCTV camera, players will receive another clue that “a shipment was moved from the metro”. To progress the mission, players must enter the Atlas Superstore to collect the third intel. This challenge may take some time since the intel is hidden on a pallet rack beside a mattress and toy bear.

Fourth Intel

The next clue “the shipment was tracked to the Stadium” will task Warzone players to go to a rather familiar location. To find the fourth intel, players must look for an open box truck parked in the exterior area of the Stadium’s southernmost corner.

Fifth Intel

The fifth mission is where the Sins of the Father challenge gets complicated since players will now have to finish the Warzone Stadium Easter egg. Watch the video below and follow every sequence in order to get the stadium code. Once players have entered Suite 320, they must grab all three pieces of intel from the bulletin board inside the room.

Sixth Intel

Players will have to revisit the Stadium again for the sixth intel. However, they are only going to need the P2-16 card. The card will already be inside the inventory if players followed the video above. The sixth and final intel is found on a table inside a locked room located in the parking garage.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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