Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale Event Takes Place Today

Even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for nearly a year, the highly acclaimed life simulation game still continues to receive support from Nintendo. With every significant update, the title introduces brand-new content, features, and items to the game—from scuba diving and so much more.

Most often than not, these updates also coincide with real-world holidays or events, such as Christmas Eve’s Toy Day, Thanksgiving’s Turkey Day, and Easter’s Bunny Day. This time around, yet another annual event is taking place in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Today, players can join in on the festivities brought about by the in-game Festivale event.

Inspired by none other than the Mardi Gras celebration, long-time Animal Crossing fans will already be quite familiar with the Festivale event. As a matter of fact, most of the previous games in the franchise’s repertoire have celebrated this particular event. What makes New Horizons’ celebration different from the previous iterations, however, is the fact that it will introduce new activities for the players to do before the event concludes.

For starters, Pave the Peacock will be visiting the players’ respective islands for the duration of Festivale. Just like the other NPC visitors from previous seasonal events, Pave will be giving players tasks to do. In this case, players have to catch as many multicolored feathers as possible, which will be falling from the sky.

Afterwards, they have to bring the caught feathers over to Pave, who will reward players with a Festivale dance. Nintendo recently released an “Exploring February” video for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, and it shows that the Able Sisters’ shop will feature a variety of new fun outfits that fans can buy—from sequined tank dresses to fancy suits, and more. These new outfits are perfect to wear during the ongoing event, ensuring that fans exude the spirit of Festivale.

Once the day ends on the players’ respective islands, the Festivale event will also come to an end. As such, players should definitely make the most out of their day in-game if they want to experience everything that Festivale has to offer.


In other news, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can look forward to more content even after Festivale ends. To be more specific, Nintendo previously revealed that the next free update will arrive in March, teasing that this upcoming update will feature some kind of crossover with Super Mario.

We assume that this Animal Crossing x Super Mario crossover will introduce a variety of Mario-themed items and furniture to the popular Nintendo Switch game. Although, the developer has yet to reveal what kind of content we can expect from this update. Seeing as Animal Crossing: New Horizons usually drops a video dedicated to an upcoming update prior to its release, we can expect such footage to be released any day now.

That being said, collaborating with Super Mario isn’t a new thing for Animal Crossing. The franchise has crossed over with the Nintendo classic in most if not all the games to date. Still, this fact doesn’t make the upcoming update any less exciting.

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