Mr. Resetti Finally Arrives in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (But As A Figurine)

After fans have waited and wondered when he’ll arrive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the one and only save-loving mole, Mr. Resetti, is finally making an appearance in the Nintendo Switch exclusive game. However, he doesn’t come in the same form that fans may know him by.

The most recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons January updated include a bunch of new items to the game, including free maracas in preparation for the Festivale event next month. Now, one of these new items is none other than the beloved yet obnoxious mole.

Long-time Animal Crossing fans are familiar with Mr. Resetti because the character has been a part of the franchise since the very first Animal Crossing game—the 2001 one for the Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo gave Mr. Resetti one job and one job only, and that was to remind players the importance of saving their game before turning off the console.

If players do forget to save, he shows up right after booting the game to give players a lengthy lecture as to why they shouldn’t forget to save next time. Mr. Resetti was present in all of the previous mainline Animal Crossing games, which is why he was noticeably absent in Animal Crossing: New Horizons except for a few lines of text—until the most recent update, that is.

As mentioned, the newest update has a plethora of new furniture and items that players can add to their collections, including Chinese New Year decor, Super Bowl-themed furniture, and many others. There was one item in the list that fans just couldn’t ignore, and that was a small statue of Mr. Resetti that players can purchase and use as decor on their respective islands.

Of course, getting a small figurine of the character is nowhere near the same as receiving a lecture every time a player forgets to save, but fans can place the figurine in their house or doorway to give them a nostalgic reminder of the franchise’s history and how far it has come.

As all of us are aware, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a major upgrade from the previous titles, and Nintendo implemented a myriad of improvements and changes. One of these changes is the fact that Mr. Resetti is no longer needed in New Horizons.

For the unaware, the life simulation video game constantly autosaves, which removes the players’ need to save the game manually before quitting. Not only that, it automatically saves before they exit the game as well, unless the player force-closes the game or the console.

It’s undoubtedly sad that someone as important as Mr. Resetti no longer works for the Reset Surveillance Center, as his services are no longer needed due to modern technology. That said, even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons has replaced the beloved mole with the autosaving feature, Mr. Resetti will always remain in the hearts of fans—and nothing and no one can replace that.

At the very least, Nintendo should add Mr. Resetti to the game as a visiting villager, or perhaps give players a chance to visit him and his family or send him letters and gifts.

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