Annapurna Interactive Delays Several Indie Games

In an unfortunate series of events, Annapurna Interactive has announced that three of its upcoming titles will be delayed. The three games in question, namely The Artful Escape, Twelve Minutes, and Last Stop, will be released some time in 2021 since all three are almost done with development.

The publisher made this sad announcement on its official Twitter account, increasing the list of delayed games this year. Annapurna didn’t specify the reason why it decided to push back the games’ release dates, but the publisher did note that all three titles are close to being done and only need “polishing” now.

Alongside these three titles, which are scheduled to be released near each other, Annapurna Interactive will also be launching Maquette, Stray, and Solar Ash in 2021 after The Pathless is released on PlayStation 5.


The first highly-anticipated game on Annapurna’s list of delayed titles is Twelve Minutes, which is a one-of-a-kind interactive thriller that features “a man trapped in a time loop.” As the game’s protagonist, players are on a mission to do everything they can to change the fate of the protagonist.

Twelve Minutes’ beautiful artwork is by Luis Antonio, who is the one fans need to thank for the distinct art style of The Witness. Thanks to Antonio’s art, players will be able to feel the heavy ambiance of Twelve Minutes.

Set to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as on PC, Twelve Minutes has a pedigreed cast of actors, including Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley, and James McAvoy.

Next up is The Artful Escape, which has players following the strange story of Francis Vendetti, a teenage guitar prodigy. This psychedelic platformer offers players access to an imaginative world called Glimmerdim, which is where Francis tries to create and evolve his stage alter-ego.

Naturally, music will play a crucial role in The Artful Escape and its gameplay, so music lovers should definitely check it out. As for the game’s aesthetic, it gives off the same vibe as We Happy Few’s DLC called Lightbearer, as Francis embarks on a whimsical journey towards self-discovery. That being said, The Artful Escape is set to release on Xbox One, PC, and Apple Arcade.

Last but not least, Last Stop touts itself as an enthralling collection of narratives that sews together supernatural elements within its storylines The upcoming adventure title is set in London and will give players access to three playable characters, namely John, Donna, and Meena.

As you may have guessed by now, the worlds of these three characters are heavily intertwined and will meld together to form one intriguing story. The game’s Steam page claims it to be a game that’s all about “secret lives,” and how it’s possible to find magic even in the most mundane things.

Annapurna Interactive recently released Outer Wilds on Steam a few months ago, which received stellar reviews from its fans. Since then, it appears that the publisher has been hard at work ensuring that games get released as expected.

Some of Annapurna’s titles may have experienced some kind of hiccup to warrant a delay, but we’re still looking forward to all these cool-looking indie titles and we can’t wait to play them next year.

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