Apex Legends: Party Not Ready, Party Leader Quit Fix

For the most part, Apex Legends’ launch has gone off without a hitch. However, matches have lately been afflicted by a few glitches that trigger matchmaking problems.

“Party not ready” and “Party Leader Quit” are two error messages that players have sent. However, it doesn’t seem that these glitches are serious—most of the time, players will hop back into a game after receiving an error message. They seem to be more of a mild annoyance than anything else.

If you get one of these error alerts, you may take a few easy steps and try to resolve it.

How To Fix Party Leader Quit Warning

Apex Legends' Party Not Ready, Party Leader Quit Error - Solutions & How to  Fix

This alert arrives before a match starts, but it can also appear during or after the game, making it somewhat more irritating than the “Party Not Ready” message.

If a player has been AFK for a few moments, this message will appear. If you press “Continue,” you should be taken back to the pre-match screen without issue. If this doesn’t succeed, consider any other solutions for the Party Not Ready error mentioned earlier. You could be able to avoid the Party Leader Quit warning by leaving the party or switching to the main menu.

If the message appears when you are playing a game, you will be able to dismiss it. However, if the warning begins to interfere with your ability to play the game properly, you will need to exit the game. After that, restart Apex Legends to prevent it from happening again.

If the Party Leader Quit message appears after the game has finished, restart Apex Legends and possibly the whole game client or console.

How To Fix Party Not Ready Warning


When a player tries to join a game, this message sometimes appears. When a player is solo queuing or jumping in with a whole band, this will happen. When a player is waiting for a match to load, this message will appear.

Restart the game if you get this letter. Close Apex Legends absolutely before resuming the game. It takes a little longer, so you’ll almost certainly be able to hop straight into another game afterward.

You don’t want to play the game all over again? In the lower corner of your keyboard, look for the Game Menu or Settings button. They can be used to leave the panel and return to the lobby. If pressing those buttons alone doesn’t work, click “back to Main Menu.”

Exit the party while you’re playing with friends. Hopefully, when you rejoin, the problem will be resolved. You may also leave the game and wait for your mates to rejoin you in the lobby. Simply send out a new invitation.

Another trick is to view your friends list from the same screen area, the lower right corner. Make your way to the phone. Return to the loading screen after exiting. Check to see if the message disappears. If not, the game will have to be restarted. You should even try restarting the console or the game client if this doesn’t work.


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