Warframe Chimera: How To Get Shedu

The Shedu is a secret weapon included in the Empyrean update to Warframe. The rifle, which takes the shape of an Arm Cannon, encircles a Warframe’s whole arm and sits on their back. The firearm does not need ammunition and instead recharges ammo when it is not in use. When it hits, it shoots a beam that deals Heat damage as well as area-of-effect Electric damage.

To obtain the Shedu, you must complete the Erra search that is secret.

How To Begin The Erra Quest

Only after completing a specific action in a Railjack mission can you enter the Erra search. The Paracesis sword, which can be obtained from the Chimera Prologue quest, is the first thing you’ll need. To begin the Chimera Prologue, you must first complete The Sacrifice and then return to your Orbiter quarters.

The Paracesis must be brought to the Veil Proxima on the Empyrean missions Star Map. You must have a Rank 7 skill tree in one of the Intrinsics skill trees to enter this field.

For 30 minutes at a time, a Sentient ship will appear on one of Veil Promima’s nodes, marked by a blinking red symbol. You must first locate and board this car, then locate a red crystal that it contains. You will enter the Erra search from your Orbiter quarters if you use a paracesis to break the crystal. Cutscenes carry out the mini-quest, and when they’re finished, you’ll have a roadmap for the Shedu.

You’ll also need to farm the sections mentioned below:

  • Barrel
  • Chassis
  • Handle
  • Receiver
  • Veil Quest and Shedu - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

Symbilysts encountered on the Sentient Ship in the Veil Proxima will lose these components. We recommend using the Semlar website’s timer to locate the Sentient Ship. You can build the Shedu in your Foundry once you’ve farmed all of the parts. It takes 24 hours to create, but for 35 Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, you can skip it.

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