Apple headset render (Image Credit: @ianzelbo on Twitter)

A new leak revealed that Apple’s upcoming Reality Pro headset would offer powerful screens, which is beyond what current headsets in the market have.

Ross Young, one of the well-known reliable leakers involving Apple products, shared the details on Twitter. According to Young, the two 1.41-inch Micro OLED screens will boast 4,000 ppi each, giving you 4K resolution per eye. Even more, the device could reportedly reach up to 5,000 nits of brightness, which the leaker described as “peak brightness.”

If all these details are taken seriously, this could confirm how powerful the rumored Apple Reality Pro headset will be. As mentioned in other reports, the device is expected to be offered as a high-end headset, which is not surprising due to Apple’s reputation. Yet, the specs shared by Young are mind-blowing, especially if you compare them to current headsets in the market.

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman noted in his recent article, the upcoming device will secure Apple’s position in the upscale market for headsets. Meta is expected to partially compete with Apple in the VR headset industry by releasing its Quest 3 device. However, Gurman noted that Meta’s creation would be dedicated to the cheaper section of the industry. And even with the reported improvements in Quest 3, it won’t be able to beat Apple’s Reality Pro, which is just becoming increasingly alluring with each leak coming.

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