Apple vs. Epic Games Legal Battle Ends Favorably On Both Sides

Even though Epic Games was forced to pay Apple $12 million, a major judgment in the court battle between the two entertainment behemoths went in its favor. The legal dispute stems from a feature in Epic Games’ popular battle royale game Fortnite that allows users to buy in-game things through the game’s marketplace. This avoided Apple’s transaction charge, resulting in the game’s removal from the App Store and, eventually, a high-profile legal battle over Fortnite.

The Apple vs. Epic Games court case has gotten a lot of attention in the video game world since the outcome of the trial might influence the future of in-game microtransactions. Many people believe Apple has a stranglehold on the mobile game sector, allowing them to charge whatever transaction fees they choose.

On the other hand, Epic Games’ attempts to avoid paying a transaction charge are puzzling, considering the company’s success in distributing Fortnite through the Apple Store. The battle between the two gaming behemoths began in August 2020, with legal processes lasting a whole year. While the arguments in the Fortnite versus Apple lawsuit ended in May 2021, a decision on the case has been taken till today.

Despite determining that Epic owes Apple $12 million, the Northern District of California has decided in one count in favor of Epic Games. According to iMore, the court decided that Apple may no longer restrict game creators from circumventing their own transaction system by using other links or payment methods.

This implies that Apple Store mobile games will be able to charge players directly through the app, which is a far more profitable approach than going through the Apple Store and paying the tech giant’s fee. According to CNBC Now on Twitter, Apple’s stock has already dropped 3.5 percent as a result of the negative decision.

The Apple versus Fortnite lawsuit resulted in leaked material from both parties, in addition to the surprise decision that has harmed Apple’s stock market figures. Epic Games’ case filings appear to suggest that a sandbox mode is coming to Fortnite, however, the developer has not verified this information.

New weaponry appears to be linked to the presumably forthcoming game mode, as well as a distinct wooded setting classified as an “Open-World Simulation Sandbox Mode” in the stolen exhibit materials.

The Apple vs. Epic Games case has sparked debate in the gaming industry, with the issue of microtransactions already dividing players. Because Epic Games received a favorable ruling, all mobile game makers will be allowed to handle transactions directly instead of paying Apple a 30% fee. Apple’s stock has already suffered as a result of this decision, and the absence of transaction fees will almost certainly hurt the company’s bottom line.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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