Household chores are always daunting, especially when you have to do them yourself. You work all day, everyday of the week, and you come home to clean, cook, or organize. While chores may not be your cup of tea, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to make your household tasks easier to accomplish.

Make a Weekly Chores Schedule

A weekly schedule can help you determine what chores you’ll need to stretch out throughout the week, especially with those daily and weekly cleaning routines. Start your week off by creating a list of chores that need to be done, categorizing them from most urgent to least concern so you can tackle the most important tasks first.

Creating a list for all the chores you need to do throughout the week helps you keep track of what needs to be done, and prevents you from missing out on a task or two in your busy schedule. Similar to how you would schedule your tasks at work, you can do the same for your chores.

Store Away Knick Knacks and Seasonal Decor

As a cardinal rule: the more trinkets you have displayed, the more items you have to dust off every week as part of your cleaning schedule. Store away unneeded knick-knacks, and keep cherished ones in a display case to prevent dust from forming on the items.

Those Christmas and Halloween decor have no place to be visibly displayed in your home in the middle of July! Though it may be a hassle to take them down just to put them back up in a couple months’ time, they collect dust and make your home off-season. Store them in labeled boxes for easier locating during Christmas, Halloween, or any decorative holiday.

Organize Cables from the Start

Don’t wait until you get a rat’s nest of charging cables and electrical wires on your TV, desktop, or gaming setup! Organize your cables as soon as you get them to prevent them from tangling and intertwine with each other.

Cable organizers are available in the market for you to categorize your cables. These fixtures are typically wall-mounted, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up more space. When organized, your cables are less likely to tangle and break, which leads to longer usage and better performance of your cables and wires.

Use Covers for Everything!

Dust settles at an exponential rate, which means constant dusting and washing of dirty items that collect them. Covers are great to place on any furniture or device to prevent dust from damaging the internal aspects of these items.

Cloth covers are great for sofas, couches, and beds, as these can be washed every other week to maintain cleanliness without having to clean the whole sofa. Plastic cases and silicone covers are made for devices that may emit heat, to prevent dust from caking onto the vents and getting into the internal mechanisms of electronics.

Repair Over Renovate

Small scratches on your wooden furniture? A tiny scuff mark on your freshly painted walls? You don’t need to go all out and renovate your home, you can easily fix these marks at home! Wooden scratches can be buffed with a walnut, which will release oils that act as wood stains hiding the scratches. Paint pens can save your painted walls by covering up the scuffed area.

Before taking out your renovation tools, see if you can find a solution if the problem is small. You may just need to cover up the mark or clean it off without the need of power tools! Save the renovation costs for another day.

Hire a Professional

Professional cleaning services are the hassle-free way of getting those household chores done, and keep your house clean! From deep cleaning to part time maid cleaning services, professionals are there to keep your home spotless, while you focus on other tasks.

Professional cleaning services aren’t just convenient, but they can clean much better than most homeowners as they have the tools and cleaning solutions necessary for specific cleaning tasks, and materials. A reputable company would train their cleaners in proper methods, waste disposal, and decorum while in a client’s home, so you can be assured of their services!

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