What are Decimals?

In Mathematics, we have different types of numbers such as whole numbers, real numbers, rational numbers, integers, etc. A decimal number is one of the types of numbers that helps in the representation of integers and non-integer numbers. Decimals have wide applications in our everyday life. It is primarily used in situations where precision is required, like finding out the exact weight on a scale. You might have seen decimals in a thermometer reading as well.

In a decimal number, the whole number and the fractional number are separated by a dot, which is called the decimal point. For example, 8.9 is a decimal number.

Decimal is a fairly easy concept, but it requires regular practice. Students can practice various worksheets for math in order to strengthen their fundamentals and get an in-depth understanding of the concept. Cuemath is an online learning platform that uses modern methods to help students understand the concept of the decimal. Techniques such as visual learning, simulations are used by Cuemath, which enables them to understand ‘why behind the what.’

Decimals have some surprising applications in our everyday life. In this blog, we are going to explore the various applications of decimals in our day-to-day life.

Applications of Decimals in Daily Life

Following are the applications of decimals in our day to day lives :


One of the most common applications of decimals is for money. One rupee is made up of hundred paise, and you might have seen many of your bills consisting of the decimal number system. Even the dollars are made up of cents, where cents are represented by decimal numbers in the bill. Often we also have to convert rupees into paisa while shopping, in order to calculate the amount of the final product.


Decimal numbers are used all the time for calculation. Even scientists and engineers use decimal numbers for analysis in order to be more precise. When you go to fill the gas, the meter shows reading in decimals for accuracy. Similarly, a car’s odometer shows the miles in decimals. Even chemical engineers use decimals while measuring the exact quantities which is required to perform various experiments.


In sports, decimal numbers have a lot of applications. Be it calculating the speed of the ball in cricket to determine the athlete’s speed on a racing track, decimals are everywhere in sports. Decimals are also used for calculating the scores and win percentage of a team.

Jewelry Making

A precise measurement is required when it comes to precious metals like gold and diamond. Hence, in jewelry making, decimal numbers are used to calculate the exact amount of gold melted to make a particular piece. You might have seen the tags on various necklaces, which shows the precise amount of gold that is used in the making of that piece.

Fitness and Meal Prep

Nowadays, more and more people are getting calorie-conscious. Measuring macros is no longer a new trend. All this is done with the help of decimal numbers. Also, the BMI, i.e., Body Mass Index calculation, requires decimals. Various equipment in the gym like the treadmill, dumbbells use decimals to give different readings.


Decimal numbers are also used in construction to determine the exact amount of material that is required. Also, crucial measurements while laying the foundation of a building are done using the decimal number system.

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