Banner of the Maid’s First DLC Announced for PS4 and Switch

Banner of the Maid was released on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 last August 12, and it’s been pretty successful. Now, Azure Flame Studio has announced that the title’s first DLC, The Oriental Pirate, will also be released on those consoles this upcoming September 15.

In this DLC, you are introduced to Mu Zhiyun, who is an oriental pirate serving under Ching Shih. She sailed across the ocean to reach Europe, bringing along with her a secret agenda. Check out the gameplay trailer here.



Banner of the Maid is a turn-based JRPG set in an alternate world during the French Revolution. The game is pretty easy to love, with its fantasy elements and beautiful anime art style.

The base game has you playing as the young officer Pauline Bonaparte, and you’re tasked to lead your troops to victory through dynamic turn-based style fights. However, there’s more to Pauline than being just an officer, though. She is also a Maid, which is one of those fabled women with mysterious powers.

The Oriental Pirate DLC gives you 5 new challenge missions. In addition, you will also be able to unlock a brand-new quest line once you finish Chapter 18 of the main campaign. However, you will need to have Thérèse in your army in order to unlock it.

The Oriental Pirate will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop as well as the PlayStation Store for $4.99 upon release.

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