Niantic Reveals Featured Pokemon In Upcoming Time Limited Pokemon Go Holiday Raid

The Pokemon Go holiday celebrations are starting soon, and with it, trainers can obtain some unique holiday-themed items. Not only will the game feature Pokemon in holiday attires and holiday avatars, but there will also be several ice-themed holiday raid monsters as well.

Right around the holidays every year, Pokemon commemorates with updates to most of its games, releasing Pokemon-inspired holiday collection of toys, and other events to help celebrate the season of giving.

This year will be no different in Pokemon Go as fans can expect new rewards, lovable Pokemon in holiday attire, and a few icy friends from holiday raids. The raid Pokemon for this year will be all about ice, snow, and icebergs.

Beginning on December 22, Pokemon Go trainers will be able to encounter more Ice-type Pokemon in the wild, raids, and eggs. Vanillite will also be debuting in the game’s lineup. Similar to the holiday event last year, players can look forward to exclusive spawns, free premium rewards, and exclusive ice Pokemon appearing in raids. There will be a few snow Pokemon appearing in raids and one in the Mega Raid.

Pokemon available in normal raids include Regice, Cryogonal, Cubchoo, Walrein, Swinub, Sneasel, Dewgong, Alolan Sandshrew as well as Jynx and its Shiny form. Pokemon in Mega Raids will include Mega Abomasnow and abominable snowman-looking Pokemon with several strong ice moves.

It’s great to see the return of Regice as those who missed the iceberg Pokemon will have another opportunity to catch it during this year’s holiday event. Pokemon Go trainers must also take advantage of the double raid XP starting on December 22, Tuesday, 12 AM until December 23, Wednesday, 11:59 PM local time.


Alongside all of the updates made from the Pokemon Go Beyond update, players can expect more free stuff, holiday avatars, and ice-themed field research. The upcoming holiday event will also feature double stardust, double Lucky Egg durations, double Star Piece durations, and double Catch candy. Trainers will also be able to hold and open more gifts than usual during the whole duration of the event.

Players can also obtain Pokemon stickers with a holiday flair of Whimsicott, Croagunk, and Vulpix. Probably the most significant holiday-inspired update added to the game is Cubchoo, Delibird, and Pikachu all sporting adorable holiday attires.

Pokemon Go’s holiday event will begin on December 22 at 8 AM and will end on December 31 at 10 PM local time.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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