Beginner Tips For Among Us Impostors To Win Every Match

The Impostors in Among Us are challenged to kill their fellow Crewmates before they finish their tasks. Even though crew members can’t fight back, taking all of them down is no easy task. In a game designed for debate and witness testimony, it can be very difficult to win without being caught. For Impostors, it’s not just about surviving in the game since lying will be a crucial part of killing everyone on the ship.

With calculated decisions, quick thinking, and proper planning, the Impostors will have better chances of wiping every crew member in the game. This comprehensive guide will provide some tips impostors can utilize the next time they get the killer role to help them win the game.

Blend In

While blending with other crew members is a vital part of playing the game, there are several ways Impostors can do to make their performance more convincing. Faking tasks is a tried and tested strategy to help convince fellow crewmates to prove their innocence but there is another way to effectively do this than just standing in one place.

Impostors must observe the task meter found in the top left corner and check if it increases, then leave the area when it is full. Nearby players will associate the advancement as an admission of a finished task and increase their trust.

Increasing trust is one of the key elements of surviving debates. Sometimes, not executing a crew member when provided the opportunity, alone together in a room, will fool them into a false sense of security and decrease their doubt. Impostors can try finding a particular player to build trust with, vouch for them when in discussions then stab them in the back when the time is right.

Look Both Ways

Timing is crucial when one wants to get away with murder. That one crew member standing alone in one corner of a room may look like an easy kill, but is it worth it? It’s essential to understand the situations and surroundings by peeking around corners to make sure that no one walks in and witness the murder.

However, even if another crew member walks in, the other Impostor should be able to help defend your case. Players can also immediately kill another player in the same room before they have the opportunity to report the body, so always do this whenever possible to decrease enemy ranks faster.

Take Advantage of Confusion

Sabotage can present a lot of opportunities in the game. As a player’s sight is heavily obscured during a blackout, killing crew members and venting is much simpler to do unrecognized. To stop this from happening, crew members will likely go to the electrical room and fix the lights.

Knowing the location of crew members is a double-edged sword. First, it will be easier to predict where they will be going but bringing them together increases the probability of someone witnessing a murder.

However, this also provides the Impostor knowledge of where they are less likely as well – where the problem is not. Utilize this to make a safe opening when venting away from a murder scene and then rejoin other crew members so that they will not be suspicious.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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