Sony Breaks Down PlayStation 5 User Interface In New Video

Sony has just revealed the PlayStation 5’s user interface, giving fans a glance at what they can anticipate from the next-gen console’s menus and dashboards when it launches next month. Sony has been gradually building towards the launch of the new console and has been intently preparing the PlayStation Network for the adjustments. A few days ago, Sony consolidated all PlayStation accounts under a single login, although this resulted in a few problems regarding certain features.

It has been a tough week for the company in terms of promotion so far, which means releasing this video can be a great way to divert the attention of gamers from the issues with the recent PlayStation 4 firmware update.

The update released yesterday has not only improved how some functions work to the disappointment of fans but also led to technical issues and system instability. A lot of social features including messages and friends lists stopped working all at once when Firmware 8.00 was downloaded then installed.


Sony’s update today has showcased the user interface of the PlayStation 5 for the first time, with the next-gen console only a few weeks away from its release. According to Sony, the new user interface has been developed to give players next level next-gen experience with deeper engagement that hastily introduces fans to amazing games and a respectful gaming community.

Like its PlayStation 4 counterpart, it looks stylish in design and features an array of new functions. This includes fully integrated applications so that the PlayStation Store runs perfectly with the other features of the dashboard. Each game also now has a dedicated car that features trophies, activities, challenges and even context-sensitive videos that act as tutorials.

“Navigating the interface, switching between games, and hopping into online matches occurs quickly, as we rebuilt the entire software stack from the console to the network to bring you a truly next-generation experience. We believe the less time you spend waiting to interact with the system, the more time you will have to spend playing games.”

While the user interface has been well received by fans that have seen it in action, other essential features of the PlayStation 5 are being ridiculed. For example, the backward compatibility feature of the next-gen console is poorly made compared to the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft’s next-gen console will allow its owners to play games from the past three generations of Xbox systems and all games will get some kind of performance improvement. However, the PlayStation 5 will only be able to run PlayStation 4 games and Game Boost will only work on some of them.

It is bizarre for the user interface of the PlayStation 5 to be explained in detail prior to its launch. However, the latest upgrades in the PlayStation 5 means that Sony has been able to entirely revamp how its user interface work, making a better system for its players.

Hopefully, this will also mean that the PlayStation 5 will not suffer from the same issues that the PlayStation 4 has in terms of firmware updates.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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