The past decade saw the Philippines rise to become one of the most prominent destinations with sports betting. Whether as a punter or bookmaker, the Philippines offers you a huge chance of making profits through betting sites esports.

Gambling entered the Philippine territory back in the 19th century and has since evolved and rebranded ever since. While it was initially outlawed, the love and warm reception it received home and abroad led successive governments to legalize it. Now, gambling is not only legal but also regulated and seen as a huge contributor to the economic progress of the Philippines. Our author, Evelyn Balyton breaks down the myths surrounding esports betting in the Philippines.

Although traditional sporting activities were common, esports didn’t make its debut in the Philippines until 2017 due to the strict regulations on sports betting in the country. Furthermore, esports wasn’t given much attention until it made waves in the United States. Nowadays, with the creation of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, you can now place bets on electronic sports from the comfort of your home through betting sites esports.

What Are Esports?

Electronic sports, popularly called Esports refer to sporting competitions that are based on video games. These games are often between professional players and conducted in a multi-player manner. Esports was previously outlawed by most countries but has gained prominence in recent times with several countries including the UK, China, Canada, South Korea, and the Philippines licensing them.

Betting sites esports refer to online sportsbooks that allow you to wager bets on electronic sports. Many of these betting sites also have provisions for betting on regular sporting events. In the Philippines, some of the top bookmakers with provisions for esports betting include; 20BET, MELBET, 1XBET, BETFAIR among others. Some of the popular esports games include car and motorbike drag racing, League of Legends, and Call of Duty.

It’s worthy of note that all of the above listed betting sites esports are foreign bookmakers. This is because they offer an avenue to wager bets online. The provisions of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation prevent land-based casinos and indigenous sportsbooks from accepting bets online. However, because smartphones and online betting have become synonymous, electronic sports betting is carried out online with foreign sportsbooks.

Betting sites esports and other online casinos are well optimized for both computer and smartphone use, with many of them offering promotions for smartphone users. A major advantage of using your smartphone on betting sites esports is the ease of control and unfettered access it gives you. Whether you’re at home, in transit, or at lunch, you can easily bring out your smartphone and play your favorite games, without any need for a computer.

What To Look Out For On Betting Sites Esports In The Philippines

It’s important to note certain characteristics when engaging in electronic sports in the Philippines. The presence or otherwise of these elements may make or mar your gambling experience. Some of the steps you can take to improve your experience on betting sites esports include;

  1. Checking reviews from other users online. Additionally, you may check the ratings of your chosen bookmaker on the Mightytips website.
  2. Ensure your chosen betting site makes provision for Filipino punters in terms of payment options, bonuses and accessibility.
  3. Always read and digest the terms and conditions of each bookmaker before embarking on your esports journey.
  4. Lastly, check the licensing information of the respective bookmaker.

Most betting sites esports accept payments through Visa, MasterCard, and Skrill so you have little to worry about when cashing out your winnings. Betting sites esports are also exempted from the 20% tax imposed on all gambling winnings.

Top Betting Sites Esports In The Philippines

Poring over the features and offers of each bookmaker can be exhilarating, which is why the folks at Mightytips.ph have made a shortlist of some of the bookmakers with quick payment options in the betting sites esports arena. These bookmakers include:

  1. BetOnline: This bookmaker offers new customers a 50% welcome bonus on their initial deposit on figures as high as PHP49415. It also has one of the fastest payment options in the country.
  2. 22BET: Another credible option for esports betting in the Philippines is 22bet. The sportsbook also features quick payments and a 100% bonus offer on deposits of PHP6028 and below.
  3. BETFAIR: Betfair has a two-pronged bonus offer. New customers receive a 30% bonus on initial deposits of up to PHP 1482 and a whooping PHP 2684 in betting offers.
  4. GGBET: GGBET offers its customers a 100% welcome bonus on deposits up to £100.
  5. 1XBET: New customers are eligible for a 100% deposit bonus on up to PHP 5400.

All of these esports betting sites have credible reputations and fast payment methods, giving you improved electronic sports betting experience.