Pokemon Snap Gets Gameplay Trailer, Launch Date Revealed

The new Pokemon Snap just got an official launch date along with a new gameplay trailer in a shocking announcement by Nintendo. The sequel to the 1999 classic for the Nintendo 64 was revealed during one of the Pokemon Presents events held last year.

Pokemon Snap’s gameplay is pretty unique from the mainline games in the Pokemon franchise. Instead of capturing the game’s monsters to collect and fight with them, Pokemon Snap simply lets players take photos of Pokemon in the wild.

The game is one of the many spinoffs under the massive Pokemon franchise which includes other famous games like Pokken Tournament and Pokemon Go. Aside from being the year Pokemon Snap launches, 2021 is also the 25th anniversary of the series and Nintendo plans to hold celebrations throughout the year. A recent leak claims that Nintendo is preparing for a Pokemon Direct presentation on Pokemon Day on February 27 as part of the anniversary festivities.

YouTube video

Nintendo revealed that the new Pokemon Snap’s release date will be on April 30, 2021, alongside a new gameplay trailer via a post on Pokemon’s official YouTube channel. The trailer gives fans a much better look at the forthcoming game, including the Pokemon available, new hero, locations, and more.

According to Nintendo, players will take on the role of a promising Pokemon photographer exploring the various islands of the Lental region to supervise an ecological survey along with Professor Mirror and his assistant, Rita.

Players will be tasked to take photos of the different Pokemon living in the region, which Professor Mirror will appraise and score based on the Pokemon’s shot framing, position, size, and poses. Players can then fill their Pokedex with their highest or best scoring shots.


Players will be able to take photos of the region’s wide array of wild Pokemon while riding the NEO-ONE, Pokemon Snap’s on-rails auto-driven vehicle. Players will also have access to the Fluffruit, a special fruit found only in the Lental region, that players can use to capture a Pokemon’s attention, watch them eat, or lure them into various situations.

The new Pokemon Snap will also be introducing the Illumina phenomenon, an effect only found in the Lental archipelago that lets some Pokemon emit a special glow. In addition, it seems like the new Pokemon Snap will let players have the option between a male and female character.

Fans of the original Pokemon Snap won’t have to wait that long to finally get their hands on the sequel they have been longing for for more than two decades and just by watching the trailer, this sequel is setting itself up to be considerably better than the original.

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