Best Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack For Every Keyblade Warrior

Many of the video games in the Kingdom Hearts series have the finest Kingdom Hearts songs, which span decades of gaming systems.

The journeys of Kairi, Sora, and Riku in the Kingdom Hearts series have seen the three experience some great challenges and hardships. The finest Kingdom Hearts songs inspired players’ long-term recollections of their favorite boss fights, cutscenes, and overworld themes, and provided an emotional stake to their storylines.

Some are heartfelt, some are thrilling, and yet others are simply enjoyable to listen to. Many of the motifs in the Kingdom Hearts series use the piano, however, the instrument never becomes repetitious or tiresome to hear.

When the games don’t use a piano theme, they use chorus voices and huge organ runs to bring a new degree of epicness to the gameplay. You’ve probably noticed how wonderful the soundtracks are for all of the games, whether you’re a casual Kingdom Hearts fan or a Keybalde Warrior aficionado.

These games’ soundtracks make you feel like you’re on an amazing trip. The OSTs for the Kingdom Hearts series have incredible attention to detail, making them all worth listening to again and over again.

While the Disney worlds themes are adorable and catchy, they aren’t included in this list of the finest Kingdom Hearts songs. Many of those themes are based on movie franchises, and even when they are original songs, they don’t have the same impact as the original Kingdom Hearts songs.

Here are the top 10 Kingdom Hearts songs, ranging from overworlds to epic battle themes.

The Other Promise (Roxas’s Theme)

Roxas’ path is one of self-discovery, of figuring out who or what he is. The most depressing realization is that he isn’t a whole person. Roxas’ journey is told in Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days, and it revolves around him striving to discover himself while resenting the predicament he finds himself in when he wakes up as Sora’s nobody.

This trip can also be heard in his musical theme, which progresses from a quiet, almost lullaby tone to dramatic composition. Yoko Ono did an excellent job of emulating Roxas’ transition from childhood naivety to deep-seated resentment and anguish. When he returns later in the game, during Sora and Roxas’ fight in Sora’s heart, the song becomes even more tragic.

Shipmeister’s Humoresque

The tedious but fully optional Gummi Ship Garage construction sessions are made pleasant by this whimsical and enjoyable track. The theme’s clarinet is lively and light, which makes it suitable given that Chip and Dale are your tour guides.

It’s practically a hidden motif in KH1’s excellent music; as pleasing to the ear as it is, few people tried to create a Gummi Ship beyond the base features. The KH fanbase should pay a bit more attention to treats like “Humoresque.”

Musique Pour La Tristesse De Xion (Xion’s Theme)

Xion’s theme encapsulates her brief yet poignant existence. She needs to accept the idea that she is a puppet, a container for Sora’s memories. She’s a portion of someone else’s being, much like her closest pal Roxas.

You can sense the anguish of knowing that once her duty is done, she’ll go. Every note and crest in the song contains it. The player knows her time is up the minute her theme begins to play, that she will vanish not just from existence but also from the memory of everyone she has met with. It’s a sad yet touching piece that makes you want to cry.

Forze Del Male

“Forze Del Male,” like “One Winged Angel,” is one of Square Enix’s greatest final boss tunes. It incorporates numerous aspects from the previous KH1 songs, as well as just the proper amount of piano thrills to add to the drama.

The organ in the foreground creates a strong and distinct tune, with the symbol crashes well-timed to counterbalance the light brass taps. “Forze Del Male” is a powerful, deadly tune that is one of the greatest in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Kairi’s bond with Sora, as well as the drive he receives from her, is evident in everything he does. She serves as a compass for him as he travels across various realms and realities. As a result, every note of her theme exudes a sense of calmness and inner tranquility.

During their stay on Destiny Islands, you can perceive the song’s atmosphere of tranquility. This was before the terrible night when Sora and Kairi watched the sunset together and Kairi urged Sora to never change. For him to maintain the same kind and compassionate demeanor as he had in that calm moment of rest. Kairi’s theme is one of friendship and brightness; she is Sora’s inner strength and light.

Enter The Darkness

Vanitas’ combat theme is “Enter the Darkness,” and it gets the blood pumping. The animalistic noises, along with the deep bass sounds, immediately raise your heart rate. From there on out, you know you’re in for a wild journey with this track.

The main theme begins with horns blasting and a synth drumset establishing the tone for fast-paced and intense combat. Out of all of the Kingdom Hearts OSTs, there isn’t another song like “Enter the Darkness,” making this one-of-a-kind music even more amazing.

The 13th Struggle

Organization XIII is a nefarious organization that operates in the shadows and manipulates Sora’s adventure. Their commander is a wicked nobody who is hell-bent on using Kingdom Hearts for personal gain. During boss battles with members of Organization XIII, we hear “The 13th Struggle.”

It’s fast-paced music that emphasizes the organization’s nefarious character. Each of their boss fights is a test of foresight and pattern recognition. The song’s frenzied speed as it increases is the same furious speed that occurs in each bout. It’s a tune that will become stuck in your brain as you replay Demyx’s struggle over and over.

Another Side

When Tetsuya Nomura designed the first Kingdom Hearts hidden ending in 2002, he solved the code of sequel excitement. While it was simply a concept video at the time, it had a lasting impact on the tale. It would also have a long-term impact on the participants.

On this tune, Yoko Shimomura went all out. It begins slowly, with a previously unknown individual (Roxas) strolling through a dark alleyway. Neoshadows were emerging from the pavement. The images become more vivid as the music progresses. Every player is on the edge of their seat, holding their breath by the time the song hits its height. It was fun to figure out the secret conclusion, but listening to the music was much better.

Destiny Islands

BBS took the fairly irritating World theme from Kingdom Hearts 1’s instructional stages and turned it into one of the most lovely, simple tunes among all of the great Kingdom Hearts tracks.

While the BBS version borrows from KH2’s variant on the theme, the way the violins and woodwinds harmonize in the BBS version is unique.

Dearly Beloved

The Kingdom Hearts team achieved their goal: they crafted the ultimate version of the Kingdom Hearts games’ opening music. While KH2’s “Dearly Beloved” comes in second, the KH3 rendition of the legendary song expands, breathes, and sends chills down my spine.

Without awesome start screen music, it wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game. Square Enix is notorious for making the most of its opening tunes, and the one for Kingdom Hearts 3 was no exception.


Many people consider this synth bop to be the finest Kingdom Hearts song. The vocals of Utada Hikaru, along with the pounding bassline, brilliantly establish the tone for Kingdom Hearts 2. It’s time to save Riku and return to Kairi, and Sora is willing to battle to the death to accomplish both objectives.

It’s a song that many people identify with the Kingdom Hearts series, maybe even more so than “Simple and Clean.” It boasts the cleanest sounds and some of the greatest lyrics of the Hikaru songs in the series. With its soothing guitar riff intros luring players into the epic narrative it has to tell, this music is one you can listen to on repeat.

With lyrics like “Where anxieties and falsehoods melt away,” “Sanctuary” is as soothing as it is thrilling, conjuring up images of Sora plunging deep into the depths of the Castle Oblivion memory capsule. “Sanctuary” is certainly one of the great Kingdom Hearts tracks, bittersweet and oh so delectable.

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