Best OSRS Ranged Weapons For The Ultimate DPS Effect

Ranged fighting is one of three fighting methods in OSRS, the others being Magic and Melee.

And range is the only one of the three that stands out. Since many players think that it is the most often employed style for high-tier PvM, and because many bosses and raids are controlled by players that use it — the DPS is just significantly greater.

The range skill also comes with a slew of effective weapons, making it even more popular. But which ones are the most effective? Let’s take a look at some options you should have in your ranged arsenal!

Dorgeshuun Crossbow


The Dorgeshuun Crossbow is first on our list, and it’s actually a great early game crossbow. This item has a nice range attack boost of +42, and it’s extremely easy to get early on — it’s only locked behind The Lost Tribe, an early game quest.

It’s worth noting that it only utilizes Bone Bolts, which are quite inexpensive, and it’s also one game tick faster than any other crossbow. This may not appear to be much, but it adds up to a significant damager each second over time.

Overall, this is a popular pick among Ironmen and early-game players who want to get some Ranged experience at a low cost.

How to Get It: After finishing The Lost Tribe, Nardok will sell you this crossbow.

Magic Shortbow


Level 50 is required. The Magic Shortbow is the best ranged weapon in the game, and it has the ability to shoot Amethyst arrows, making it a very valuable weapon. This shortbow also has a special attack called “snapshot,” which fires two arrows at once and costs 55% of the special bar.

If you infuse the shortbow, though, it will only cost half as much as the special bar. It can then be used back-to-back for more damage. And because it’s so simple to get your hands on this shortbow, it’s popular among Pk’ers.

You’ll need to fletch this from a magic log and string it with a bow string in order to get it. Fletching at level 80 is required for this.

Black Chinchompas


Black Chins are one of the most effective area of effect (AOE) weapons in the game. When hurled, you will inflict damage on a 33 square area, as well as anything inside that region. Damage is restricted at 12 in PvM. This cap is ten in PvP.

Because of the way this range weapon works, it’s frequently used to stack big groups of foes and strike them all at the same time for insanely high ranging experience. The Monkey Madness I and II tunnels are popular sites to practice this, which is known to as chinning.

It’s worth noting that if you die, your chins will all be unrecoverable because they’re technically “alive” and will flee. So bear that in mind if you’re going out to have some fun with these. To wield these unique black chins, you must have a level 65 range.

How to Get: Level 73 hunters may capture these in the Wilderness hunting area.

Dwarf Multicannon


The Dwarf Multicannon is a fantastic weapon that can be obtained by completing the Dwarf Cannon quest. One gun may be set up at a time, with a maximum of 30 cannon balls. The cannon rotates 360 degrees and fires against any adversary within range.

The total range experience you receive is half that of a standard range, with no hitpoints experience. However, the advantage of employing this is that you can still attack with your usual gear and augment your DPS with the cannon.

The cannon will degrade after 30 minutes of usage, and you will need to repair it. This, however, is free and just involves a single click.

How to Get: After completing Nulodion’s Dwarf Cannon quest, you may purchase this for 750k.

Craw’s Bow


One of the three wilderness weapons obtained from killing Revenants is Craw’s bow. It is also, in my opinion, the best of the three weapons.

This has an extremely high range attack bonus of +75 and a range strength of +60. It’s only usable in the Wilderness since it deals more damage to foes in the Wilderness. This special effect increases the bow’s accuracy by 50% and increases the damage it does by 50%. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Wilderness anytime soon, Craw’s bow could be useful.

Because it has its own ammo and doesn’t utilize standard arrows, you’ll require level 60 range and Ethereum ether to charge it.

How to Get It: This is an extremely uncommon drop from Revenants in the Revenant Cave.

Crystal Bow


This bow, like the Craw’s Bow, has its own built-in ammo and degrades gradually over time. And, as the name suggests, this bow is encrusted with Crystal Shards.

It boasts a +100 impressive range attack bonus and a +70 impressive range strength bonus. It’s also one of the few bows with an attack range of over 10 squares, allowing it to fire from a great distance. This makes it ideal for Fight Caves and DKS, where distance might be advantageous.

You must have level 50 agility and level 70 ranged to use this bow, as well as finish the quest “Roving elves” and the Hard Western Province Diary. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s definitely worth it. If the mission and journal are completed, you can obtain this bow from a crystal weapon seed.

Armadyl Crossbow


The Armadyl Crossbow is one of the greatest crossbows in OSRS, with a whopping +100 range attack boost. This crossbow, like other crossbows, is one-handed, allowing you to use your offhand as a shield.

The Armadyl Crossbow (ACB) is the finest at everything except battling dragons, where the Dragon Hunter crossbow is superior. It’s also worth noting that this weapon has an unique strike that doubles your accuracy and requires 70 range to wield. It’s also the only crossbow in OSRS that provides a prayer bonus (+1).

How to Get It: Commander Zilyana drops the Armadyl Crossbow in the Saradomin encampment at GWD.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow


For many dragon-type opponents, such as Vorkath, this crossbow is now the greatest in slot range weapon. It’s because it’s one of the Dragonbane weapons in the game.

When battling dragons, the Dragon Hunter Crossbow has a good +95 range bonus and delivers a 30% increase in damage and accuracy. The void, slayer helmet, and salve benefits stack with this effect. As a result, having the proper equipment may be really beneficial.

In Chambers of Xeric, it’s also the second best in slot item during the range portion of the Olm fight. You’ll need level 65 range to equip this crossbow before you can go out slaughtering.

How to Get: A rare drop from Xeric’s chambers.

Toxic Blowpipe


This is without a doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest, all-around DPS weapon.

The blowpipe has a range attack boost of +60, but it also has one of the quickest attack speeds in the game, allowing you to melt your opponent’s health away when used with high level darts. Attack speed is three game ticks in PvM and four game ticks in PvP.

Darts are used in the blowpipe, and it must be loaded with both darts and Zulrah scales in order to shoot. For each dart launched, an average of two scales are employed. This might make the weapon rather costly.

Your blowpipe may also have the ability to envenom foes. When combined with the Serpentine Helmet, this potential becomes a 100 percent likelihood. The blowpipe may be employed in a variety of situations, including raids, GWD, most slayer bosses, slayer chores, and range training. This weapon is really powerful!

To support it, all you’ll need is a reasonable number of gp. To get a Tanzanite Fang, you must kill Zulrah and receive a Tanzanite Fang. You may convert the fang into the Toxic Blowpipe with 53 Crafting.

Twisted Bow


Finally, we’ve reached the pinnacle of our rankings. The Twisted Bow is without a doubt the greatest ranged weapon in OSRS, as well as the most sought-after bow.

It has a range attack boost of +70 and a range strength boost of +20, but that isn’t why it’s so popular. Twisted Bows feature a passive function that allows you to attack harder based on the magic level of your opponent.

You can achieve higher levels as you go. This implies that you can easily and nearly always reach 80 on certain foes. The amount of harm you can do here is mind-boggling.

Outside of the Chambers of Xeric, the Twisted Bow’s maximum hit is 83, while within it is 104. They figures are outrageously high, especially when you consider that these are simply regular assaults, not special assaults.

Because there are so many opponents with high magic levels in OSRS, the Twisted Bow is frequently utilized for Giant Mole, Raids, KBD, Hydra, Fight Caves, and much more.

How to Get It: On the Chambers of Xeric mega-rare drop table.

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