Best Pagan Online Classes To Beat Down The Horde

There are ten different Pagan Online classes to choose from, each with its own set of rules. You will only unlock one hero at a time in the beginning, but each additional character costs one hero soul from the extremely difficult list of assassination missions.

Knowing which heroes to unlock first will make all the difference, so we’ve broken down each class in Pagan Online, including their powers, difficulty, and best moves, to help you hack and slash your way through the endless hordes of enemies.



  • Melee or Ranged: Ranged
  • Classification: Junker
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Beginner
  • Recommended Skills: Flamethrower, 2-Rats, Oil Spill, Scrap-O-Tron

Have you ever considered using a shotgun in an action RPG? Hector is the same way. He’s a ranged hero who has to get close in order to do the most harm with his main attack. Hector has two rat buddies that can handle their own cute turrets, as if running a lot of tech gadgets wasn’t enough.

Flamethrower is ridiculously strong despite its short-range, and the Sorry Not Sorry node causes a funny chain reaction of burning limbs. Flamethrower works well with the Yuck and Action Hero nodes from Oil Spill, dealing extra sunfire damage.

To build a rapid-firing rodent death squad, combine the 2-Rats abilities with Scrap-O-Rodent Tron’s Revelry node.



  • Melee or Ranged: Both!
  • Classification: Weaponsmaster
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Advanced
  • Recommended Skills: Impalement, Shatter, Glacial Armor, Hammerfall

Any other hero in Pagan Online is either ranged or melee, but the frost elemental Elden will switch stances from dual-wielding blades to tossing ice javelins, giving him the best of all worlds. Both of his talents, like Lukian’s, are dual-purpose, with different results based on his stance.

Impalement freezes opponents immediately, and the Frost Nova node adds still more crowd control. Glacial Armor can be used in the melee stance with the Winter Soldier node to reduce injury. Once the freeze and frostbite symptoms have extended, use Shatter, which grants buffs to all three nodes. Hammerfall deals a lot of harm in a short amount of time and works well with Impalement’s freeze effect.



  • Melee or Ranged: Melee
  • Classification: Fortune Teller
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Complexity: Intermediate
  • Recommended Skills: Soundwave, Bladestorm, Twirl, Tendon Slash

It’s a first for us to see an actor wielding weaponized tambourines. Masha’s special dodge ability throws a tarot card at her, which grants her one of four buffs. She then uses her Wind Weave passive to keep herself alive by dodging attacks.

Bladestorm is a natural fit for this melee hero: the Prophecy of Doom node boosts tarot card impact, and Lethal Performance adds a nice stun effect.

Twirl gives you some useful versatility, and all three nodes are worth exploring for extra damage and costs. Then, as a debuff, use Tendon Slash with Lethal Choreography to reboot the Twirl. Finally, Soundwave’s Dazed and Confused node can work well with Bladestorm’s stun.



  • Melee or Ranged: Ranged
  • Classification: Wildborn
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Advanced
  • Recommended Skills: Call to Action, Berserk, Feral Souls, Ring of Thorns

Dameer is a druid with a permanent AI bear friend called Vavvan, and he’s one of Pagan Online’s most difficult groups. Dameer will regenerate by merging his soul with Vavvan instead of dodging, and his right click switches the bear into offensive and defensive stances.

Berserk allows us to briefly monitor the bear, which is a safe way to get away from threats. Call to Action is difficult to use since its effect varies depending on the bear’s posture, but all three nodes have useful skills. Our primary AOE attack is Ring of Thorns, but Feral Souls are more powerful once we activate the Tenacity node and summon an entire wolf pack.



  • Melee or Ranged: Ranged
  • Classification: Huntress
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Beginner
  • Recommended Skills: Trueshot, Leash Trap, Smoke Bomb, Chakram

Valeria has figured out how to never have to reload her auto-crossbows, effectively turning her into a handheld death turret. With Jump Out, she has one of the most fun dodge abilities, with the option of making it into a temporary invulnerable AOE attack as she jumps over opponents.

Grab all three nodes for Barrage because you’ll be using her simple attack a lot. Since the squishy archer needs to kite as much as possible to be safe, the Leash Trap is useful for hindering enemies. Toss a Smoke Bomb on top of them with Shadow Kill, jump on top with Jump Out, and finish with Chakram. Trueshot is our only burst damage choice, but it’s a reliable performer. When Leash Trap is on cooldown, the Clutch node offers a rooting alternative.



  • Melee or Ranged: Ranged
  • Classification: Arcanist
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Complexity: Advanced
  • Recommended Skills: Sigil of Perun/Mark of Dabog, Lightning Ring/Fire Nova, Lightning Incarnate/Living Sun, Lightning Disciple, Fire Disciple

Lukian seems to be a traditional elemental mage with lighting and fire spells at first sight. Either one of his powers, on the other hand, is a two-in-one, capable of casting two separate spells depending on which simple attack he uses as a follow-up. As a result, he is a complex but strong hero.

Lukian’s Lightning Strike simple assault, which auto-targets and hits several targets, is one of the best in the game. The Brand of Perun node from Sigil of Perun makes it much better. Lighting Ring/Fire Nova is great for clearing huge numbers of enemies, while Lighting Incarnate/Living Sun deals a lot of damage while still allowing you to move about.

Finish with the Disciple, not for the feeble summon, but for the Restless Spirit node, which grants a significant damage buff.



  • Melee or Ranged: Melee
  • Classification: Assassin
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Complexity: Intermediate
  • Recommended Skills: Harvest, Horrible Visage, Soul Drain, Decay

The grim reaper wields a large ass scythe and relies on specific combinations to maximize his skills. His key combo is Cleave, which resets Harvest’s cooldown. Morokh deals a lot of harm by piling Curse on several enemies and zipping around with Harvest. Remember that Morokh’s dodge ability Shadow Step also applies Morokh’s curse on any opponent he moves through.

The fear impact from Horrible Visage, as well as Harvest’s The Terror node, are excellent ways to clear any room. We can use Soul Drain with Regenerating Curse to get a good healing boost after we’ve scattered some Curse stacks. We favor Decay over Limbo for locking down enemies due to its higher damage and shorter cooldown. Then, using Claws of the Dead, ensure that they stay inside.



  • Melee or Ranged: Melee
  • Classification: Tank
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Beginner
  • Recommended Skills: Overpower, Thunderfist, Rolling Mountain, Sacred Ground

Istok’s tank function is filled by a passive that enhances his damage every time his effective shield is used. Istok’s Shield of the Righteous has a minor effect on partners, rendering him a cooperative teammate who can be helpful.

This tanky kid has terrible agility, but a Rolling Mountain with Bull Rush and Mountain Mastery will help him get around. Both Overpower and Sacred Ground provide healing and defensive benefits, and both can be talented to have teammates in co-op play. Thunderfist is used because it deals ridiculous levels of damage because who doesn’t like watching the field execute an uppercut?



  • Melee or Ranged: Ranged
  • Classification: Lifeleecher
  • Primary Attribute: Intelligence
  • Complexity: Intermediate
  • Recommended Skills: Swarm, Heartbeat, Blood Spikes, Altar of Gore

Anya’s glowing blood whip is one of the game’s most visually stunning simple attack animations. Despite the fact that she uses a melee sword, she has such a long range that she is a ranged hero.

Most of her abilities deplete enemy health, rendering her more difficult to control than melee heroes like Kingewitch, Istok, and Morokh. Increase regeneration, incorporate a stacking damage buff, and reduce cooldowns for all the tiny blood drops we’ll be catching by dumping points into her Blood Rite passive.

With the Rejuvenation tree, Swarm may be used defensively to provide some much-needed resistance. Heartbeat will provide us with a huge burst of damage, while Blood Spikes will provide us with excellent crowd control. For too many healing abilities, stacking as much health and armor as possible is advantageous.



  • Melee or Ranged: Melee
  • Classification: Berserker
  • Primary Attribute: Strength
  • Complexity: Beginner
  • Recommended Skills: Whirlwind, Stomp, Execution, Judgement of Svarog

For someone who has recently completed Diablo 3, Kingewitch is an obvious pick. He’s a Diablo-style Barbarian, complete with whirlwind and leap strikes, as well as a magnificent handlebar mustache. He’s simple to learn and play, making him an excellent pick for beginners.

Whirlwind, preceded by Execution, would be a big part of your arsenal in the game. With their Bloodlust and Judgement nodes, stacking vital chance pieces would help all talents. Stomp is a valuable agility ability for jumping into and out of fights; for even more mobility, snatch Fast Recovery.

Judgement of Svarog completes the collection of skills by including a valuable set-it-and-forget buff. Remember to catch the Guarding Strikes node from your primary attack for a fast stacking boost.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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