15 Best Pulse Rifles In Destiny 2, Ranked

In recent years, both Destiny and Destiny 2 have become gaming classics. Their virtual realms and breathtaking ambient graphics are a big part of it.

Destiny 2’s shift to a free-to-play format has boosted its relevance by drawing a significant number of new players. This is understandable given how much fun a PVE raid can be and how tough Crucible matches can be.

Given that a large portion of this class-based shooter is spent grinding for decent weapons and obtaining the best equipment possible, it’s critical to realize which weapons are worth obtaining. So, for players who like specific weapons in their fights, let’s have a look at some of the best Pulse Rifles in the series.

Graviton Lance


Scout Rifles have more in common with Graviton Lances than Pulse Rifles. This weapon shoots two rounds at a time, with the first round having almost no recoil. This weapon is designed for long-range encounters since the second round has no damage falloff.

Prepare for carnage if players can land a direct final blow with Graviton Lance. Enemies destroyed by final blows with pinpoint accuracy can spawn Void bomblets that search out targets. Any target destroyed by these bomblets would spawn more Void bullets, resulting in a chain reaction in large groups.

It has the ability to clear crowds in PvE, but its upfront harm isn’t quite enough to make it viable in Master-tier content. However, combine this with High-Energy Fire or the Warlock’s Mantle of Battle Harmony for an enjoyable PvE experience.

This is a tool that Crucible players should not overlook. Its two-round bursts and lack of damage falloff render it an effective foil to Sniper Rifles and Hand Cannons. Bomblets may also be used to weaken adjacent targets. The Graviton Lance isn’t as powerful as a Dead Man’s Tale or a 120 RPM Hand Cannon, but it’s still a capable weapon.

Blast Furnace


Blast Furnace can be relied on by Guardians who choose a more offensive playstyle to pick off several mobs at once while maintaining high mobility. In comparison to other Pulse Rifles, players who equip Blast Furnace with an Appended Mag, Meyrin RDS, and Rampage will clear rooms even faster.

Furthermore, because of the game’s small perk pool, players will get a Blast Furnace with just the perks they need. In addition, each of its set perks works well with every DPS construct, making it a versatile tool. Kill Clip, Zen Moment, and Headseeker are three other fun bonuses that have excellent PVE value.

Bad Juju


Poor Juju is a Pulse Rifle that belongs to the Lightweight Frame archetype, making it instantly inferior to its contemporaries. It’s also Exotic, which means that this weapon has to have a lot of effectiveness or damage to be viable.

Thankfully, Bad Juju will do both. After each kill, this weapon receives a 20% damage boost while still completely reloading and boosting the Super recovery. String of Curses will accumulate up to five times, raising damage by 100% and improving Super recovery by an insane amount.

It’s clearly designed as a PvE weapon and can only be used in that environment. Bad Juju has a low TTK in the Crucible and an Exotic perk that demands a level of kill quality that most players lack. PvE players who want to spam their Super, on the other hand, would adore this weapon.

Cold Denial


PvE-obsessed Guardians should search elsewhere for a top-tier PvE Pulse Rifle. Cold Denial is an excellent option if players like PvP. It has a great scale, a great range stat of 61, and a good set of PvP-specific perks.

In PvP, Killing Wind and Headseeker are incredibly powerful, giving this weapon a huge improvement in range and handling after a kill. Headseeker is generally thought to be a bad perk, but it helps High-Impact Pulse Rifles to destroy Guardians in two blasts of just four headshots. Only Guardians with Resilience of at least tier seven can thrive, making this a fantastic bonus that boosts Cold Denial’s usability.

Vigilance Wing


Vigilance profits from the Hard Truths bonus, which grants a five-round burst to this firearm. Furthermore, nearby downed allies provide players with additional travel speed and energy recovery bonuses. As a result, the Pulse Rifle is well-suited to defensive configurations at close range.

Unfortunately, some players consider its five-round blast to be the more advantageous feature, rendering it effective against bosses and, in particular, other Guardians.

Vigilance Wing, like Bygones, has fantastic perks and customizability that befits its Exotic status. Pulse Rifles, on the other hand, seem to suit more PVE configurations than Vigilance Wing, as its skillset seems to be more important to PVP.

Go Figure


Go Figure has the appearance of a powerful weapon capable of powerful bursts, and it lives up to the portrait. Go Figure has four-burst fires that pack a punch thanks to perks like Aggressive Burst and Kill Clip. Furthermore, it does more harm after kills, making it perfect for long battles.

Go Figure, on the other hand, is more suited to PVP battles than PVE skirmishes due to its more offensive disposition. Its high damage performance and fast firing make it suitable for speed-oriented builds. Although this makes the weapon useful for PVE, it’s possible that Go Figure-centric PVP builds will help players more.

Sacred Provenance


In Destiny 2, Holy Provenance is one of only two Pulse Rifles that can be used for Rapid Hit. Since this is an Offensive Frame, each burst fires four instead of three bullets. Expect almost no recoil and a lightning-quick reload if players strike any target.

Kill Clip is an excellent choice for PvE players, as it can melt majors in a few bursts. It has a slight influence on PvP TTK, making perks like Quickdraw and Headseeker more appealing. Provenance’s clear sight and absurd base range of 72 make it an excellent weapon for all Destiny 2 content, both PvE and PvP. To get this gun, players will have to brave the Garden of Salvation raid.



Outlast, an energy pistol with a rapid-fire frame is an alternative to Bygones for players who don’t want to have Bygones. Guardians with a Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip Outlast can do more damage and reload quicker, rendering Outlast a powerful weapon against mobs and bosses. A Full-Auto Outlast with Rampage will also clear rooms even more quickly.

Outlast still has a small perk pool that would almost certainly grant something PVE-friendly. Unfortunately, players will have to adapt to Outlast’s “raunchy” existence. Players can quickly balance Outlast’s inherent recoil with a Counterbalance Mod and enjoy the additional resilience during raids.

The Time-Worn Spire

Turning in IB bounties gave me two new IB weapons. : raidsecrets

The Time-Worn Spire is a power to be dealt with as the only Kinetic Rapid-Fire Frame Pulse Rifle with unpredictable rolls. This weapon’s 540 RPM firing rate gives it an excellent counter to Hand Cannons and Sniper Rifles.

The Time-Worn Spire is one of the few Pulse Weapons in Destiny 2 that comes fitted with scopes rather than barrels, significantly enhancing its effective range and usability. The Red Dot Micro is the best of the lot, with clear sight and a major improvement in range and zoom.

On this weapon, consistency reigns supreme in terms of benefits. Under Pressure and Iron Grip turn this weapon into a laser beam, allowing all bullets to collide. There is no need to control recoil; players can shoot as quickly as they want.

To help with the lethality of this gun, PvE players will get the classic Feeding Frenzy and Rampage rolls. If players want to use this gun for Master-tier stuff, One for All is a better choice than Rampage because it’s easier to trigger.

Last Perdition


For a Void-based pulse rifle, Last Perdition is an excellent choice. Due to Rampage, players can believe Last Perdition is ideal for PVE, particularly because kills with Last Perdition grant a damage boost. A Rampage-enhanced Last Perdition will be ideal for a damage-intensive build, as more mobs equal a deadlier Guardian.

Veterans, on the other hand, can find that Last Perdition has a lot of PVP potential. Their Guardian can quickly start PVP matches at a distance and pick off the enemy from there thanks to Moving Target, Rangefinder, or Snapshot Sights. Players interested in PVP can purchase Last Perdition and create other loadouts for PVE encounters.

No Time To Explain


No Time to Explain is without a doubt one of Destiny 2’s finest Pulse Rifles. This weapon has an incredible stat kit, including an insane range stat of 73, is part of the awesome High-Impact archetype, and has a lightning-quick optimal TTK of 0.67 seconds in PvP.

It gets better; after ten precision kills, No Time to Describe triggers a time portal that serves like a handheld turret that shoots at every target in front of the player. In PvE, this will make melting majors and even striking bosses a breeze. PvP players would love having a second arm at their hands.

Inaugural Address


Inaugural Address is a reliable Pulse Rifle choice for players. Players will experience a wide range of design options thanks to the game’s adaptive structure.

Guardians, for example, will benefit from a variety of stability, handling speed, and recoil benefits depending on which barrel they use. Furthermore, the perk choices give it a lot of versatility when it comes to PVE builds. Outlaw and Kill Clip, for example, will make reloading through crowds a breeze (plus the damage boost). Inaugural Address’s alternate bonus Ambitious Assassin, on the other hand, makes it perfect for fast-paced encounters.

Stars In Shadow


There’s a possibility that a Stars in Shadow will appear in every Crucible game. This deadly Solar High-Impact Pulse Rifle comes with a large perk pool that can be personalized to suit almost any play style or game form.

In PvP, Killing Wind and Headseeker are ridiculously powerful, allowing this weapon to comfortably duel most Hand Cannons. Guardians can try to get a roll with Outlaw and Kill Clip for PvE. One precision kill will significantly increase reload speed and damage performance, making this weapon a good option for master-tier material.

In the end, this weapon’s high stat kit is what sets it apart from the competition. This weapon is a delight to use, with a range of 66 and a bright red dot scope. Players should give the Stars in Shadow a chance even though they don’t like Pulse Guns. Players might be shocked by how accurate this weapon is.

Outbreak Perfected


Outbreak Perfected is a better version of the Outbreak Prime Pulse Rifle from the first session, returning from Destiny. This time, players will not be required to learn binary or hexadecimal in order to obtain this weapon.

The Exotic Kiosk in the Tower is where Guardians can get these weapons. It’s a little costly to buy, but it’s well worth the effort. Nanites are spawned with any shot from Outbreak, increasing the damage taken by the target.

When an opponent dies, more Nanites will spawn if this gun is Masterworked. Outbreak Perfected will decimate majors and most bosses, including raid bosses, with enough bursts into a target. The will the number players who use this weapon, the more powerful it becomes. It’s still not half bad in PvP, thanks to the weapon’s low recoil.

The Messenger


The Messenger, a High-Impact Pulse Rifle that can roll with Desperado, has eventually overcome Redrix’s Claymore. That alone makes this the best Legendary Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2, but there’s more to this weapon.

The Messenger can also use Rapid Impact in conjunction with Desperado, making it precise accuracy after a few precision strikes. In terms of strength, this weapon is Exotic-tier, but players can go even further by using High-Caliber Rounds to flinch targets during a gunfight.

Better yet, players can also get an Adept version of this weapon to utilize Adept Mods. Adept Handling, Adept Range, and Adept Icarus are all perfect for The Messenger. With the correct roll, this gun puts the Exotic to shame. It might be quite similar to Trials of Osiris, but this weapon is so good that it’s worth bleeding through the game just to get it.

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