The Best Sword & Shield Equipment In Monster Hunter World

Sword and Shield is an often-overlooked weapon range that gets a poor reputation for being beginner-friendly. It is one of the most powerful weapon choices in the game, but it is put to the side due to its lower damage capability. Anything that, in the hands of a professional player, can easily be augmented, allowing for a broader range of combat scenarios than most weapons afford.

Any of these weapons climb to the top of the list, owing to their increased damage and powerful elemental bonuses. These weapons are only available to the most devoted Monster Hunter: World players who put in the effort to farm their unique crafting resources. They have the most exciting gameplay in the game.

Royal Rose


This brilliantly crafted classic from the Monster Hunter series is first on the list for the award of best Sword and Shield in MHW. This thorny rapier is made from Rathian and Pink Rathian monster pieces, and it still has the same poisonous potential. Which is fantastic for such a fast weapon.

Aside from that, this weapon has good raw damage, a small decoration slot, and a 10% affinity bonus that works well with skills like Critical Status. Handicraft is another skill you can have with this weapon because it can achieve a decently robust white sharpness with it.

Barroth Club III


Okay, now here’s something a bit easier to produce and use. As you would expect, this is a kit built to restrain the Monster. Great for solo games, but much better in multiplayer. This package has seven Lv1 slots and only needs the Tenderizer Jewel.

If you’re incredibly fortunate, you may be able to absolutely max out Assault 7, as well as Wide Range 5 and Pace Consuming 2 for extra help. However, loading Critical Eye 7 for a further 30% affinity boosts it to a net positive of 20% or 40% affinity when completely augmented for affinity.

With the Status Crit bonus from the Zorah armor package, the proc rate with Vulnerability Exploit 3 is at 90%. If the high 210 raw hasn’t already vanquished the beast, your odds of striking harder only got better with paralysis kicking in more often. It isn’t to suggest that this isn’t the only para SnS to consider.

Manifested Lotus


Our best dragon elemented Sword and Shield goes to the Manifested Lotus. It earns this spot because it’s a pretty good dragon element weapon in the current patch with a free element. Although this weapon is fantastic for the time being, Perfect Rush will obtain a buff to its motion values when the Safi’Jiiva patch is posted.

The best damage choices for the Sword and Shield will move from aspect high to raw heavy as a result of this. Once the transition occurs, weapons with high raw and some feature, such as Manifested Lotus, would be the best weapons to run with. You may also run Manifested Lotus without the Dragon factor and use it as a raw weapon before you can get your hands on the Safi weapons you like.

Taroth Slicer


This set can only be obtained by completing the quest Banquet In The Earthern Hall. Until obtaining the slicer, players must kill the Kulve Taroth elder dragon, during which it is time to inflict all of the slicer’s water damage on any opponent who dares to question it.

It has a 420 water stat, which outperforms most other weapons in terms of elemental impact. This isn’t even taking into account the 10% affinity, which can enhance both elemental and base strength. Elder dragons would be unable to use their unique powers as a result of the Elderseal, making them easier to beat in potential wars.

Eradication Vanguard


Many of the arms that make up the “Sword” portion of the sword/shield combo are opposed to this term. Take, for example, this massive, primitive-looking cleaver.

This “anything” and shield are made from Nergigante pieces and are very powerful against most Elder Dragons, much like the Eater of Elders himself. It not only has a high-level Elderseal, but it also has a fair amount of Dragon elemental damage. And, of course, there’s a lot of raw damage.

The only disadvantage of this menacing-looking weapon is that it lacks white sharpness. That said, its blue sharpness lasts a long time, which is beneficial considering that it’s a fast tool that eats away sharpness easily.

Legendary Bang


The Iconic Bang is the strongest Thunder weapon we have. The Legendary Bang, like the Shara Sword and Shield, continues to perform incredibly well if you have the Free Aspect ability on it. Unlike the Shara pistol, you’ll want to use True Critical Element for the Legendary Bang to take advantage of your elemental damage and affinity.

Fortunately, you will achieve purple sharpness with this weapon after just 1 stage of Handicraft. Following that, each level adds 10 more hits of purple sharpness, which will make your hunts a little more comfortable. However, if you want to get the best out of your purple sharpness, I consider using Protective Gloss.

Empress Edge


This set is one of the most common among SnS players, with one of the most important factors being longevity. Edge actually remains sharper for longer and has a built-in health regen, so the marginally weaker attack strength works out when players aren’t sharpening it every few swings.

It can also be used in conjunction with other health regen products to increase the amount of damage the player can take, making it ideal for those who are less mobile. It also sometimes dishes out any additional blast damage to round out the experience, unleashing rapid-fire combos to replenish the health bar.

Xeno Mabura


The Xeno Mabura, a stunning weapon with Xeno’jiiva’s trademark red eyes adorning it, is even lower on the raw damage scale. This sword and shield, like most weapons from this mighty beast, has a default white sharpness and the capacity to make it ultra-durable with Handicraft and even Defensive Polish if you don’t want to sharpen it again.

It also has a high Dragon elemental damage performance and a low-level Elderseal to aid in the control of ancient Elder beasts. Because of its 15% affinity boost, this weapon will greatly benefit from skills like Critical Element, making it one of the best Elder-hunting weapons on the list.

Laguna Blossom II


Since it has a good chunk of water feature and is strong raw, the Laguna Blossom II is the strongest water Sword and Shield. Since it can reach purple sharpness with only one level of Handicraft, this weapon will have a comparable collection to the Legendary Bang, but you’ll want to run at least Handicraft 2 for a more relaxed search.

Protective Paint, like the Iconic Bang, is recommended to help you get the best out of your purple sharpness. Since this is a rarity 10 weapon, you can use custom upgrades to raise your water feature to 470.

Master Bang


Master Bang provides some of the heaviest damage without creeping through the master rank arms, genuinely delivering the thunder to whatever beast it comes into contact with. With 330 thunder damage, most beasts can succumb quickly after a few jump attacks.

A 20 safety enhancement is also very useful, as it boosts the shield, which is sometimes ignored in the equation. Harm increases significantly as players learn the free-element abilities, and the risk of stagger increases as well. All of this is supported by a massive 280 base damage platform, elevating this collection to one of the highest.

Nephilim Glacia


Velkhana and Legiana sections go into producing Nephilim Glacia. Because of its large 480 base Ice, it is the best Ice feature sword. This knife, like the previous two, can reach purple sharpness while using Handicraft.

The Nephilim Glacia, on the other hand, needs two stages to achieve 10 hits of purple sharpness. True Critical Element will be used in builds for this weapon to take advantage of the Ice element and high affinity. Protective Polish is used to ensure that the purple sharpness lasts as long as possible.

Fatal Bite


When players use lethal bite to knock down the Deviljho in order to get the reward, the dragon damage is increased. It has 308 attack power with added dragon damage, and both of its attacks line up to take on any wyvern that crosses the player’s path.

It also has a high degree of white sharpness, placing its damage capacity at the top of the SnS scale. Simply put, it’s one of the game’s hardest hitters. With the greatest starting point and the potential for major destruction, it’s only fair to give it a shot.

Platinum Dawn


When you’re farming Silver Rathalos for his armor, you’ll almost certainly have the ingredients for the finest fire sword and shield.

The Platinum Dawn (formerly known as the Shining Wyvern Blade) is a fantastic knife with excellent affinity, serviceable sharpness, and a manageable amount of fire element. Although its factor appears to be poor, this weapon compensates for it by having a higher raw.

You can use True Critical Factor, Handicraft 4 for purple sharpness, and defensive finish, just as you will for the other weapons. Handicraft 4 would give you 20 hits of purple sharpness in this case, which is a bit more relaxed than the previous guns, which only give you 10 hits of purple sharpness with the absolute minimum of handicraft.

Ruinous Madness


A 406 base damage is likely to break through most enemies like butter, making it one of the best raw damage stats in the sword & shield class. This is particularly true when it comes to dragons, as it takes them down faster than any other SnS build.

It has a high Elderseal, eliminating much of their valuable combat skills and almost forever extending the damage window. It has to be extensively updated from the eradication vanguard and becomes the powerhouse in the later game, making it one of the rarest things around.

Baan Claw III


Taking out the Radobaan to obtain this powerful sleep machine is one of the best options for this element since, in addition to the damage, it renders the enemy defenseless against large-scale attacks. Putting the creatures to sleep before inflicting a heavy pounding that wakes them up.

If the fight focuses on a steady period of dulled reaction, its 20 security will offer some cover. It also has one of the largest spreads that work against a wide range of opponents, eliminating the need to turn out against some of the more niche foes and allowing you to hold the Baan Claw in your possession.

Grand Barong II


With a 266 attack and blue sharpness, and a level 3 slot to be changed, the Grand Barong II doesn’t seem like the most obvious alternative. Although it’s nothing to sneeze at, it wouldn’t stand out from the other guns on the market. Its defense bonus and elemental strength, on the other hand, really turn it up a notch.

The defense boost provides players with peace of mind, but it also has one of the strongest paralysis powers in the game. The elemental enhancement renders this bone arm a powerful piece of the puzzle, despite its limited properties.

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