Thousands of people finders claim to be the best, leaving the impression that a long-lost loved one or friend’s current details are only one click away. Unfortunately, in many cases, this impression is false. We scoured the Internet for the absolute best sites to find people and compiled the following list as a result of extensive trial and error. Here are our final choices.

Checkpeople delivers very good results, often with the very first search, which is free. The next five searches are symbolically priced. In addition, this great tool provides in-depth findings. What’s more, you don’t need more than a name and the state the person lives in to get started. Typically, this service will generate a list of phone numbers and previous addresses for the person whose information you are searching. Also, it might display names of former coworkers, past classmates, and much more. The website also combs social media for the most relevant information there is to find.


Find People Search generates lists of useful details, particularly when you want to learn more about someone. The data it uncovers is more extensive compared to data provided by many analogous service providers. As a downside, it only retrieves results from the US, but these are usually more than satisfactory.

Using this service, you might also find the person’s family information, depending on the data collected. It’s also possible to find their sibling, uncle, aunt, cousin, or another important connection.

Zoom Info

This site is very helpful if you want to connect with someone at their workplace. You’ll get their job locations, employers, and even job titles. To avail of the contact function, you must sign up for a free trial with the site. However, you should expect to pay $100 a month after the free trial to use this and other features. Of course, paying this amount is not mandatory. You can skip the fee if you’re willing to make an effort to find more information yourself. Try contacting the person’s employer and asking for an email address or a phone number to reach them.


This is a reliable tool if you’re sure the person you’re looking for has at least one profile on social media. YoName will check different social networking sites, from the biggest ones to less common platforms, such as MySpace. The results retrieved are laid out in table format, making them easy to scan. On the other hand, it will likely provide a lot of results, and filtering through them can be confusing.


As the name suggests, this site’s main focus is job-related. However, its people search tool is quite beneficial. While it is used mainly by recruiters and employers use it, it can also yield some contact details that can facilitate a search for personal reasons. This option is available through several other job sites, too.


Most people finders only access publicly available information. However, this one goes the extra mile, combining LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other popular social networks. While a bit confusing on occasion, its results never fail to impress.


Our final choice is best if you’re looking for information such as someone’s date and place of birth (for citizenship verification), criminal records, address history, and driving record. This is very helpful for people running comprehensive background checks because they usually want to learn more about someone than what their digital footprint would suggest.

Surprisingly, lots of information about people with criminal records is available online. You don’t need more than their name and birthdate to get a long list of results, which don’t have to include a criminal record. ZabaSearch is also one of the best ways to access information from free public records. It’s possible to determine someone’s phone number and current address, as well as any previous ones.

On a final note, not all the data provided by these sites is accurate. This could be due to name matching mistakes or source data errors. If you are looking for dirt on someone in Idaho, look no further than the idaho public records, where you will be able to find details on anyone in the state.

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