Black Desert Mobile Players Can Have Archer Class Characters Starting February 16

Finally! Black Desert Mobile players will be able to create Archer class characters beginning this February 16. Pre-creation for the agile class is already available now, which allows players to personalize their new character to their hearts’ content before the feature officially goes live.

Based on the mobile title’s Roadmap for 2021, many fans expected Pearl Abyss to introduce Shai to the game this month. However, because of different balancing issues that that the game is currently going through, the developer decided to delay Shai’s release to March and bump up the Archer’s release instead.

So, fans who are disappointed can rest easy knowing that Shai will eventually be released in Black Desert Mobile. For now, though, the nimble Archer will be made available to the players very soon.

For a better understanding of who the Archer is, Black Desert Mobile’s February 9 patch notes describe him as the “forgotten son of the goddess Slyvia and protector of the world.” What makes the Archer an attractive option for many players is because he’s considered to be one of the fastest classes in the entire game.


This particular class utilizes a retrofitted Crossbow so that it can be attached to their arm, as well as Ra’ghon, a gauntlet that gives them the ability to draw strength from the power of the light itself. When awakened, Archers can move on to become Fletchers, who uses a spear-like weapon known as the Divine Piercer instead of a bow and arrow.

Here’s a quick summary of the differences between the two:

The Archer class is perfect for those players who want maximum speed, as this is what they’re specifically designed for. As such, this class is capable of firing magic arrows of light one after the other in order to deal incredible damage to enemies.

On the other hand, the Fletcher is an expert when it comes to ranged combat. This awakened version of the Archer is so known for their incredible accuracy that they’ve been given the title “Watcher of the Battlefield.”

To celebrate the addition of the Archer class to Black Desert Mobile, Pearly Abyss is giving out rewards to those players who pre-create an Archer character. These rewards in question include Mystical Max Stats Relic Selection Chests and Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chests.


Even though players won’t be able to use their pre-created Archer until February 16, 2021, they can already go ahead and enter Hadum: Calpheon City. Although, players can only access this after finishing the Hadum: Growing Uproar story. It’s also worth mentioning that diving into Calpheon City is only recommended for players who have characters with 7,000 CP.

Pearl Abyss has made some changes to the Item Drop Rate in Hadum. More specifically, players will now be able to find Inscribed Glyphs, Blazing Chaos Chrystals, and Rift Totems among the potential drops.

The Pet Skill Level cap has also been tweaked, making pets useful for this new yet more difficult content. Black Desert Mobile’s “Petscension” allows the maximum skill level of players’ Pets to be boosted up to 20. Although, do note that this is only applicable to Pets that are already in Tier 6.

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