Blastoise Arriving To Pokemon Unite After Massive Fan Requests

Pokemon Unite has been a hit with both Pokemon and MOBA fans, with many praising the game’s overall quality. Like any other MOBA-style game, Pokemon Unite will continue to add new characters to its roster as time goes on.

The Pokemon Zeraora and Gardevoir have been added to the game since its release. Blissey was most recently introduced to Pokemon Unite as a new Supporter Pokemon. The game’s creators have officially announced that another future Pokemon will be added to the game shortly, and it’s a fan favorite.

Since its announcement, Blastoise’s inclusion in Pokemon Unite has been greatly anticipated as one of the three original starting Pokemon evolutions from the Kanto region. The addition of the Water-type starting line will round out the popular trio, which already includes the Grass-type Venusaur and Fire-type Charizard.


Pokemon Unite announced through Twitter that Blastoise would be joining the lineup on September 1st. Many fans were concerned that Blastoise would be forgotten once Nintendo revealed Sylveon and Mamoswine as new Pokemon heading to Pokemon Unite, especially following the surprising release of Blissey.

Fans may now be certain that this will not be the case. The announcement also included a teaser showing off numerous Blastoise moves, many of which match what gamers saw during the test when Blastoise was available.

Blastoise will join previous Defender Pokemon like Crustle, Slowbro, and Snorlax as the game’s first new Defender. Blastoise’s actions add up to a crowd-control mechanism. Hydro Pump pushes back opponent Pokemon, Water Spout seems to slow them down, and Surf knocks them back and stuns them.

Its Unite Move is most likely Hydro Typhoon, which shields Blastoise while spinning around and shooting water from its back cannons. Blastoise can be shown in the teaser utilizing this move to brutally shut down Venusaur and Charizard, two other Kanto starters.

Blastoise, like Snorlax, may become a must-pick Defender depending on its stats. Surprisingly, Blastoise, with the move Surf, is yet another Water-type Pokemon in the game. Despite the fact that each Pokemon’s usage of Surf is unique, it might be perplexing at times.

Hopefully, TiMi Studios will not feel compelled to include the move Surf on every Water-type Pokemon they introduce. In any case, there are lots of ways to improve at Pokemon Unite, and when Blastoise is released, gamers can expect to see even more.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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