Female Call of Duty Mobile Competitive Player Murdered In Brazil

A Call of Duty Mobile competitive player has been murdered. Based on reports, Ingrid “Sol” Oliviera Bueno da Silva has been killed by Guilherme Alves “Flashlight” Costa in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sol was a female and was only nineteen years old.

Reported originally on Twitter by Rod Breslau, an eSports insider and consultant, that a recent investigation found that the killing was planned. The details of the killing of the young Call of Duty Mobile pro player are disturbing.

Based on the report, Costa and the victim met online. Costa confessed to planning the crime weeks ahead of time, but he surrendered and admitted to the authorities 30 minutes after the horrifying act that Costa stabbed Sol to death.


According to the investigation performed by the NBI, Costa claims that he is perfectly sane and that he really wanted to do the crime. Costa not only performed the heinous crime, but he also video recorded and took images to share it with his friends.

This story has stretched far beyond the video gaming world. ESPN has an eSports department as well, as it has performed some comprehensive reporting on the issue and has been able to verify the FBI investigation, for instance.

According to Breslau, Costa had more attacks planned. Costa had sent an email out with the title “A Commendable Act,” and in it, he pledged more chaos and contained the video of him murdering Sol.

It is worth mentioning that there have been studies on video game violence, and most discover that there is no relation between violence in games and reality. Gruesome and unreasonable killings such as of Guilherme Alves Costa are beyond the realm of gaming.

The most critical thing to take note of in any of this is that Sol is the victim. Her life is gone and at a really young age, with much of her life in front of her. While playing Call of Duty Mobile competitively appeared to be part of her journey, at just 19 years old, she had so many opportunities. What’s more, her family and friends will not be able to witness her become the woman that she had the potential to be.

A spokesperson for  VPEsports described Sol as an extraordinary lady who will not soon be forgotten. At times of loss, it is not easy to find peace. In Portuguese, Sol means Sun, and the spokesperson suggested looking at the rising sun every morning in remembrance of Ingrid “Sol” Oliviera Bueno da Silva.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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