Fortnite Partners With Brie Larson For New Skin Collection

Brie Larson has a Fortnite locker complete with a Bushranger skin and emotes. Brie Larson teased that she would be posting a video of her playing Fortnite with MCU colleague Tessa Thompson shortly on her social media pages, in addition to announcing her new locker.

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is an avid gamer who has made no secret of it in the past. Larson has expressed interest in playing Samus in a future Metroid film. Last year, she launched a YouTube channel to showcase her Animal Crossing: New Horizons island and other videos. In one of her favorite sports, Fortnite, she now has the opportunity to take a far more hands-on approach.


Brie Larson shared a video on Twitter outlining her latest Fortnite locker update, which includes two emotes, the Honey Hitters harvesting app, and a purple-and-green version of the Bushranger skin. The locker package costs 3,000 V-Bucks ($30 in real money). Larson also mentioned that she would most likely reveal her Fortnite username soon so that her fans can play alongside her. Larson was asked if she would release a video of herself playing the battle royale game in response to the video. After that, the actress teased that she would be launching a Fortnite let’s play with Tessa Thompson (AKA Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok) on Thursday.

Separately, Brie Larson hinted at a forthcoming collaboration with Thompson, but this seems to tie in with that somehow. It’s unclear if Larson’s previous collaboration reports were just two MCU stars playing video games or something more substantial. Still, if there is a bigger reveal, it would most likely be made in her next video.

With Larson’s additions, Fortnite’s link to the Marvel universe is becoming stronger. The game was featured in Avengers: Endgame during a scene between Hulk and Thor, and the game’s new trailer was also directed by Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo. Over the years, the iconic free-to-play game has seen several crossovers with the Marvel universe, including an event in 2018 that saw some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battling Thanos to support Endgame.

Brie Larson isn’t the only celebrity to collaborate with Fortnite; rappers like Travis Scott have performed interactive concerts in the series. Director Christopher Nolan has even seen some of his films there while theaters were closed. It’s clear that Fortnite has evolved past a game and is now becoming a forum in itself, which may indicate where the medium as a whole is going.

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