Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks Leaked Online

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is hastily reaching its early November launch date, and similar to the previous games in the franchise, this means that leak season has kicked into full bloom.

One of the biggest leaks yet for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is about the game’s scorestreaks, as the entire list has been apparently leaked online. While other leaks focus on the changes implemented in the game, the scorestreak details are even more reliable thanks to several leaked photos online which confirm the scorestreaks.

For obvious reasons, our site cannot display the images of the scorestreaks due to copyright reasons. However, a quick search on the internet will be the solution for those interested to check them out.

The leaked list of scorestreaks is fair game, however, and it surely appears to offer a few interesting choices for new and returning players. Here are the scorestreaks coming to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War:

    • Incendiary Bow – 500 points
    • RC-XD – 600 points
    • Armor – 700 points
    • Spy Plane – 800 points
    • Counter Spy Plane – 900 points
    • Flamethrower – 1,000 points
    • Care Package – 1,250 points
    • Sentry Turret – 1,400 points
    • Death Machine – 1,500 points
    • Cruise Missile – 1,750 points
    • Artillery – 2,000 points
    • Hand Cannon –  2,250 points
    • Napalm Strike – 2,500 points
    • Air Patrol – 3,000 points
    • War Machine – 3,250 points
    • Strafe Run – 3,500 points
    • Attack Helicopter – 4,000 points
    • H.A.R.P. – 5,000 points
    • Chopper Gunner – 6,000 points
    • VTOL Escort – 8,000 points
    • Gunship – 10,000 points

Famous Twitch streamer Shroud will dislike this leak provided his comments on Call of Duty scorestreaks, but there seems like a powerful bit of diversity within the list for players who enjoy them. Armor makes a comeback from Modern Warfare 3, giving players extra protection for themselves and for their teammates.

Totally new scorestreaks such as the Incendiary Bow, which is the most affordable on the list because of it being a high skill weapon, might change the gameplay quite a bit. Similar to the Flamethrower, the bow would have certainly been tied to a Specialist if that system had returned, as Firebreak and Outrider recently wielded the Flamethrower and Bow as Specialist Weapon. Meanwhile, the Hand Cannon scorestreak may be a revamped version of the Annihilator pistol as well.

Several of the scorestreaks on the list are definitely expensive, however, the 10,000 points needed to access the Gunship will surely be a difficult challenge for all Call of Duty players. The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta decreased the costs of several scorestreaks, so it will be exciting to see if this will be requested by fans once again after the game has released.

Nonetheless, the new controversial scorestreak system appears like it will not be going anywhere, so players will have to adapt if they want to access the high-end Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks.

Some of the favorite returning scorestreaks that should excite original Black Ops fans is the VTOL escort, which will follow players once deployed, and the portable Death Machine minigun. Perhaps the most notable scorestreak on the leak is the old scorestreak recently added to Call of Duty Mobile – the Advanced UAV.

Now called the H.A.R.P., the scorestreak is confirmed to work like other past versions of the UAV via the leaked photos. The comeback of the original minimap to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War makes this team-oriented scorestreak useful, and old Call of Duty fans will certainly be hyped to see it return to the new game.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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