Call of Duty League Coming to PC, Mouse and Keyboard Not Allowed

Previously, Call of Duty League was only played on the PlayStation 4. However, a recent announcement has officially confirmed that the game will be making its way to the PC in 2021. The surprising news included in this announcement, however, is that the use of a mouse and keyboard won’t be allowed.


With that in mind, it’s somewhat strange that they would transition Call of Duty League away from consoles, yet adamantly require the players to keep on using controllers. It makes you wonder: what’s the point?

There’s a pretty basic reason why controllers aren’t normally used in top-tier League matches like in CS:GO and Overwatch. No offense to those who prefer controllers, of course, but the mouse and keyboard duo brings with it a certain amount of flexibility and precision that controllers can’t beat.

We’re assuming that the Call of Duty League wants to take it slow with this transition, giving its current players ample time to make the needed adjustments instead of just suddenly throwing everyone into chaos.


Asides from this, it has also been announced that Call of Duty Challengers will go crossplay for 2021. If you don’t know what Challengers is, it is an open, amateur circuit which is basically like a feeder for the Call of Duty League.

However, Call of Duty Challengers will also require controllers, no matter what platform you are on.

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