Romelu Lukaku Unhappy With His Stats on FIFA 21


The official FIFA 21 ratings were released last week, and Belgium and Inter Milan footballer Romelu Lukaku is pretty unimpressed with his assigned scored. As a matter of fact, he has gone and accused Electronic Arts of using their ratings on FIFA 21 as a publicity stunt.

For this year, Lukaku has a rating of 85 out of 100, which makes him the 65th top player in the game. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad rating, it’s a strange one, given the fact that the FIFA star had a pretty good year at Inter Milan.

He scored 34 goals during the first season, which resulted in his overall stats to rise. His pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense ratings all increased, but we can’t say the same thing for his overall score, which has remained the same as last year.

This fact has pretty much left Lukaku upset, as he took to Twitter to air out his frustrations.

That being said, Lukaku isn’t alone when it comes to concerns over the FIFA 21 ratings. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang sarcastically responded to his decreased ratings with an emoji-filled tweet.

This practice isn’t limited to football players, though. Many NFL and NBA players have also resorted to social media to air out their complaints regarding their Madden and 2K scores.

For a much detailed look at FIFA 21’s Top 100, you can check out the game’s Ratings Database.

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